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    Quote from Apaseall
    Can you tell me where I can read about how to use this addon please ?
    Failing availability of a readme doc thing can you tell me how I can get around not having to use the mouse scoll ?
    I have a trackerball without a mouse scroll wheel and I would like to change stuff like my default aura etc.

    no need to use wheel, clicking on icons is more than enough
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    posted a message on error uploading file
    as i posted in the addon comments, i fixed it but dont know how

    did the following
    changed zip filename
    changed xml header
    changed some filenames
    removed matrix info file
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    posted a message on error uploading file
    hmm i want to update an addon i developed time ago.

    i go to
    pick up my project
    and click on files>upload file (drop down menu)

    then i fill in the name, gameversion, filetype, changelog
    near the "Filename:" field i click browse, pick up my zip file and press "Upload file"

    page reloads (same as it does when you forget to enter changelog) and reports an error below the filename field. error says "T" and nothing more

    here u have a screenshot

    i tried with firefox too, same result (was worried coz i saw the minor graphic incompatibility in the lower part with IE7)
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    posted a message on error uploading file
    when i upload the zip file of the addon, i receive an error message under the "choose file" field.. the error message says "T"

    what am i doing wrong?

    thanks :)
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