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    Curseforge tracks already daily downloads for each project. That should give you already a good hint how often your addon is installed.

    They even provide a nice csv export for the data. You can find those for your projects here: https://authors.curseforge.com/dashboard/projects

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    I don't like to register myself to the US tax agency (as non US citizen). So I'm pretty much sitting on a bit of points. It's quiete a waste to just let them expire all the time. So why not do something nice with it instead? Let's give those points to a charity. Could curseforge please set up a few charities in the store? :) Preferably without the annoying registration to the US tax. ^^

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    I understand you and expected this a bit.
    It might be just my personal guideline, but I'm committed not to publish untested or half-finished code. This is a birthplace for unnecessary errors and every error I make is a disgrace to me as developer. It might sound harsh, but that's my personal belief to become a better dev.
    Also this practice seems quite a hazzle. Usually I have my working copy inside the addon folder. So I can make changes, /reload and see those changes. For every Alpha-Build, I would like to test, I'd have to move the current working copy and install the build as a new addon every time. That is really your method of choice or am I missing something? I mean not to disrespect, but after 10 years might exist some new ways to improve here. ;)
    Well, at least I'm not happy with that. So I hope you don't mind, if I create my own skript/whatever, which mimiks some features of the PackageMeta.
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    Hi folks,

    recently I was trying out the pkgmeta feature and of course I had some issues with it at the beginning. Which usually resulted in some trial and error versions of my addon. I'm probably not the only developer who had such issues.

    So my question is: Is there actually a possibillity to execute the building process locally? Like some script or tool? (Heck, I would even take a docker container.) For reference I have something like composer (for php) in mind.

    I mean, curseforge has to run something for that feature. Is it maybe possible to publish that? (Maybe even as open source? please? =^.^=)

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