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    Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated :)


    I didn't really pay attention to new ways of doing things AddOn-wise, so don't worry, I'm ready to hear pretty much any suggestion :p I'm an advanced object oriented designer and dev, not an AddOn dev, and the reason why I'm developing this plugin is simply that I didn't want to re-do those steps every time :p (Plus, some friends and I felt there was something missing in the Wow AddOn dev chain: good tools)


    I'll modify the TocFile to point to individual files instead of the enbeds.xml. To be frank, I'd rather never use xml, but I thought this was the accepted way of referencing libs x)

    About IntelliSense, the Lua plugin by sylvanaar should provide basic Lua support (I use it for add-ons) and I bundled the wow-api wrapper from the same guy. On a new project, I have all the Lua stdlib and the wow-api that autocompletes, but not Ace3, due to how their Lua "Objects" are created: the Lua plugin doesn't parse it very well.

    Impelmenting my own Lua parser is on my roadmap for the plugin though, it is a good way to train with Kotlin :p


    About your second post, I am considering using IntelliJ File Templates to generate the default files, but it was too much of a hassle without clear docs, and I first wanted something working :) For now, all the strings written in the default files are ust compile time constants. Every part of the plugin is abstracted though, so adding new functionalities is just a matter of actually implementing them.

    Notepad++ Malwarebytes FileZilla


    My job consists of allowing code to be re-used and understandable, so please, feel free to help on the project if you'd like (anyone, not just Myrroddin :p)


     include some convey arrangement, and execute SourceForge method for doing it x) That way, individuals pushing on various hosts can in any case decided not to actualize it Sourceforge's way
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    Quote from Aredna >>

    Seems that wowace and curseforge joined up to try and bring it together so I suppose we can try to do that on here :)


    Another way I've had a lot of luck in finding out how certain things work now is by extracting the API files from the current version of WoW and then looking at the code in them manually for game functions relating to things I want to modify. Adobe Reader


    This page has good instructions on how to do it:  http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Extracting_interface_files


    Short answer: Discord

    Start with with arguments added:    -console

    Bring up the console with a backtick:  `

    Type: exportInterfaceFiles code


    You can do the same art if you need all of the art files for some reason.

     I am now utilizing however many of the local craftsmanship records as would be prudent, yet to get the correct designs document ways and so forth dependably was a PITA. I never remove the interface documents till now, yet will try it out. Will make things less demanding as a rule. A debt of gratitude is in order for the tip!
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