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    Hello everyone, I have 3 questions.
    But first of all, thank you very much for the great addon that has been around for so long. Is there a way to say thank you with a donation? Via Paypal or something?


    To my 3 questions.
    Question 1: is it possible to disable the submit button? You can do this with the "Close" button. See picture: https://prntscr.com/vpbv3r

    Question 2: Can I deactivate individual loot items? I want to disable group loot and use Elvui's.

    Question 3: Then we would be shown numbers for items like 115 ne 50 for a cape. I have 5 meat but I only have 3 in my pocket. And yes, I have deactivated Show Bank Items. :( Is that a bug? See pictures:



    PS: Phantasma (currency) from Torghast is not displayed (Loot Monitor).

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