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    WorldQuestTracker doesn't get skinned properly, I think. Only the button that hides/opens the tracker gets skinned. Tried it with only WQT + Skinner enabled and it still only does the button.


    As you can see, only the button is skinned (black borders):S. 

    Enabling Tracker Frame Skin in player frames only adds it to the quest tracker and ignores WQT.


    Also noticed that for quest tracker the size only gets updated on /reload or zoning, often causing the borders/background to be too small/big for all the tracked quests.


    Anyway, Great addon! Just what I needed!




    "Fixed it" with kgpanels.

    Panel with parent and anchor set to WorldQuestTrackerQuestsHeader. Anchor from/to Top. Width set to 110%. Script Dependency set to WorldQuestTracker.



    function self:RefreshIT()

      local currentFrameNumber = 1


      if IsAddOnLoaded("WorldQuestTracker") then

        local currFrame = _G["WorldQuestTracker_Tracker" .. currentFrameNumber]:IsVisible()


        while currFrame do

          if not _G["WorldQuestTracker_Tracker" .. (currentFrameNumber + 1)] then

            self:SetHeight(35 * (currentFrameNumber + 1))




          currentFrameNumber = currentFrameNumber + 1

          currFrame = _G["WorldQuestTracker_Tracker" .. currentFrameNumber]:IsVisible()self:SetHeight(35 * currentFrameNumber)  





     onUpdate & onShow:



    Probably not the best way to do it, but works for now :)


    edit: oops, didn't have LUA errors enabled... fixed the onLoad code a little. Doesn't give errors anymore but still has its issues though. Like for example; at times it gets slightly laggy when adding/removing WQ's.

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