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    An update to statlogic for the frFR l10n that fixes healing calculation. Tested with gems, enchants, etc, no bugs so far:

    THis needs to be added to the french localization, below DeepScanWordSeparators as in the other locales

    	["DualStatPatterns"] = { -- all lower case
    		["^les soins %+(%d+) et les d?g?ts %+ (%d+)$"] = {{"HEAL",}, {"SPELL_DMG",},},
    		["^les soins %+(%d+) les d?g?ts %+ (%d+)$"] = {{"HEAL",}, {"SPELL_DMG",},},
    		["^augmente les soins prodigu?s d'un maximum de (%d+) et les d?g?ts d'un maximum de (%d+) pour tous les sorts et effets magiques$"] = {{"HEAL",}, {"SPELL_DMG",},},

    Credit goes to Sark from Temple Noir (EU).
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