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    Since HoTs are going to stack, a way to visualize if *your* HoT is on the target or not would be nice.
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    There is one already. Check out HealWatch under addons.
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    Quote from teedog »

    Have you by chance typed up some kind of FAQ for EPGP? I'm curious to know what problems in the different DKP variants EPGP is designed to solve. Perhaps a "Pros and Cons" list.

    I suppose a brand new member has PR of 0 even though EP/GP is 0/0? What happens when the new member contributes something (ex. kills a boss) but doesn't receive any loot so his PR becomes X/0? Wouldn't that PR be higher than any existing raid member's?

    A brand new member have GP = 1. So PR = 0/1. Also unless a member (any member) does Min Raids in the Raid Window the effective EP is 0. In my setup, Raid Window is 10 and Min Raids is 2. This means that if you didn't join for at least 2 raids in the last 10, your EP is 0 and you have lowest priority for loot.

    You are right that this system, makes new members get an item fast. This is the original intent. How many new members wait for a month to get a new item? This just gives them instant gratification.

    The fact that EP and GP are only counted in the Raid Window, makes things even more interesting, since new members become equal to everyone else in at most Raid Window raids. Also there is never the need to adjust Boss kill rewards because Boss Foo is now easier so we should award less EP for it. This is because only the temporal effort+loot is taken into consideration. This also makes EP hoarding non-existent. You cannot have a veteran member hoard EPs in MC and come back a month later in BWL and loot everything because he put effort in MC.

    This is a small summary. If you have a specific DKP system in mind I would love to write up a comparison for it.
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    All the documentation so far is at:


    There is a discussion there about the pros/cons and how it solves some problems with current DKP systems, but there is no summary list at the moment.

    All the work so far has been done in the last 2 weeks (docs, site, coding) that also involved starting a new guild as well. So expect more docs in the future :-)

    Having said that, if you have any specific concerns, recommendations or question to post them on the forum linked above. That will help build the document you are looking for faster.
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    Main website: http://groups-beta.google.com/group/epgp

    EPGP is an Effort/Gear reward system and addon for World of Warcraft. You can participate to its development at: http://code.google.com/πp/epgp/ and report issues or file enchancement requests at: http://code.google.com/p/epgp/issues/list.

    If you are a member of a guild and do some serious raiding, you probably know about DKPs. Well, forget about DKPs. Leave the world of Dragon Kill Points and enter the world of Effort Points/Gear Points.

    This loot system, introduces two measurable quantities: Effort Points (EP) and Gear Points (GP). We also define computable quantity Priority (PR) as EP/GP.

    * EPs are awarded for your effort towards the guild's goals. This can be anything from boss kills, to special farming bonuses or tries in new bosses.
    * GP are the total points the gear you received is worth.
    * PR the priority you have to receive loot.

    Having PR being the quotient of EP and GP, guarantees that the amount of loot you receive is proportional to the effort you put. When an item drops, the member with the highest priority can choose to receive it or pass it down. Then the next member has the choice and so forth until the item is given to a member or disenchanted.

    There are two more variables used in the system which help to make it much harder to exploit it:

    * Raid window
    * Min raids

    The raid window is the number of raids back we are accounting EPs and GPs for. The system does not account for all EPs and GPs for the time each member was in the guild. This is done so that EP farming is virtually non existant.

    The min raids is the min number of raids in the raid window, a member must attend before her EP can be of any value. In other words, it defines the minimum attendance of each member for the duration of the raid window. For example a member that was awarded 20 EPs but only been to one raid, will show as having 0 EPs if min raids is set to 2.

    You can download the latest release here.

    Before you start using it make sure you read the Admin Guide.
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