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    I'm sorry if this answered somewhere but I looked thru the thread and didn't see it, but I might've missed it since I'm damn tired atm.. ;) Anyway, I tried adding Prayer of Fortitude and Prayer of Spirit buffbars, and when I do it just shows up as noone missing the buff even tho noone in the raid has spirit/fortitude. The predefined single-target versions works just fine tho along with everything else
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    Quote from Rasapian »

    Squishy\core.lua:691:usage: UnitIsUnit("unit", "otherUnit")

    Every time I click on a unit in squishy this now does this.

    Just to confirm it's "not just you", I'm getting this every time I click a unit aswell with the latest version from the SVN
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    Very nice, I'm currently using PerfectRaid and am very happy with it, but I know that about half my guild is waiting for something like tihs before they switch to oRA cause they like the old CTRA layouts.
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