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    Quote from andreasg
    What problems are you specifically referring to as the most important, ie. affecting raids etc?

    One thing that is really bothering me in raids, its the HP/dead bug. Whenever party/raid dies zoning in still shows as dead on the unitframe.
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    Quote from stolenlegacy
    1. I'll first have to learn the ButtonFacade API for that ...
    2. Added this to my to-do list.

    After a quick read myself I can say its not going to be that hard :)

    Is the addon supposed to save position once dragged?
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    Drag-marker works fine now.
    Two features I really would like.
    1. ButtonFacade support, the texture of the bars does not really fit with the rest of my UI hence adding my own would make it look better.
    2. Option to set vertical or horizontal positions.
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    Quote from stolenlegacy
    To be honest, I just used StartMoving() in the OnMouseDown and StopMovingAndSizing() in the OnMouseUp, while saving the offset from the UIParent Anchor in SavedVariablesPerCharacter vars, restoring that on login ;)

    Next thing on the To-Do list: Configuration via Slash-Commands. Any config options you would like??

    I am having problems moving the bar :( Clicking on the edges does not seem to have any effect.
    One option I would like is ButtonFacade support. Config options not really maybe display the amount of poisons on the tooltip :)
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    posted a message on Old basic Rogue Addons
    I suggest you try this addon :)

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    Quote from stolenlegacy
    Another update, the addon now remembers where its bar was located. I think that calls for a new version number...welcome PoisonClicker 1.1.0 ;)

    Good job thanks for the fast update :) Glad I could help.
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    Quote from omu

    Here's a screenshot of my AddOns folder. :)


    The casting bars are just over the player and target frames, done with Quartz. I don't have a screenshot where you can see them atm.

    What are the fonts you are using in your UI?
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    I suggest for the moving issue using the SePoint API. It will just required some lua editing and we can move the bar anywhere on the screen.

    local background = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, PoisonClicker)
    background:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", PoisonClicker, "TOPLEFT", -5, 5)

    Also for people who do not understand german what is this refering to "wird auf Mainhand benutzt!" Appears on line38 and more.

    Good job :)
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames Status (What's going on?)
    I do not want to sound impatient or rude but we really need some updates to address the issues people have reported.
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    posted a message on SickOfClickingDailies
    Sons of Hodir -
    You need to add http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=13421. These are basically like Netherwing eggs. You find them and turn-in to the NPC.
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    Quote from tz8
    i tried searching this thread for "raid icon" and "raid target" but didn't find anything...

    is it possible to display the raid icon of the target in the raid frames?

    |Playername @ <---- skull/spade/whatever

    So you quickly see which mob the people in your raid are currently targetting

    btw, great work, keep it up!

    Turn it on in the modules options.
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    Quote from OrionShock
    This is just a rough shake down of the quest and options tree, and a scratch pad while i move this from work to home :D

    any sugestions on how to change the structure... as these fking dailies are Fn' everywhere...

    WOTLK --Tab
    Factions --Tree Root
        The Wyrmrest Accord --Tree Leaf
        The Oracles --Tree Leaf
        Frenzyheart Tribe --Tree Leaf
        The Sons of Hodir --Tree Leaf
        Argent Crusade @ Zul'Drak --Tree Leaf
        Knights of the Ebon Blade --Tree Leaf
        Minor Factions --Tree Leaf
            The Kalu'ak --Inline Group
            The Frostborn --Inline Group
    Shared Zone Quests --Tree Root
    --Inline Description about what this is for -Horde Expedition / Alliance Vanguard-
    Professions --Tree Root
        Cooking --Tree Leaf
        Jewlcrafting --Tree Leaf
        Heroics --Inline Group
        Non-Heroics --Inline Group
        Misc --Inline Group (for the Anarub quest)
    PvP --Tree Root
        Misc --Inline Group
    All Things in Good Time
    Proof of Demise: Anub'arak
    Proof of Demise: Cyanigosa
    Proof of Demise: Gal'darah
    Proof of Demise: Herald Volazj
    Proof of Demise: Ingvar the Plunderer
    Proof of Demise: Keristrasza
    Proof of Demise: King Ymiron
    Proof of Demise: Ley-Guardian Eregos
    Proof of Demise: Loken
    Proof of Demise: Mal'Ganis
    Proof of Demise: Sjonnir The Ironshaper
    Proof of Demise: The Prophet Tharon'ja
    Timear Foresees Centrifuge Constructs in your Future!
    Timear Foresees Infinite Agents in your Future!
    Timear Foresees Titanium Vanguards in your Future!
    Timear Foresees Ymirjar Berserkers in your Future!
    Cheese for Glowergold
    Convention at the Legerdemain
    Infused Mushroom Meatloaf
    Mustard Dogs!
    Sewer Stew
    Shipment: Blood Jade Amulet 
    Shipment: Bright Armor Relic 
    Shipment: Glowing Ivory Figurine 
    Shipment: Intricate Bone Figurine 
    Shipment: Shifting Sun Curio 
    Shipment: Wicked Sun Brooch 
        ---The Wyrmrest Accord---
    Aces High!
    Drake Hunt
    Defending Wyrmrest Temple
        ---The Oracles---
    A Cleansing Song
    Appeasing the Great Rain Stone
    Hand of the Oracles
    Mastery of the Crystals
    Power of the Great Ones
    Song of Fecundity
    Song of Reflection
    Song of Wind and Water
    Will of the Titans
        ---Frenzyheart Tribe---
    A Hero's Headgear
    Chicken Party!
    Frenzyheart Champion
    Kartak's Rampage
    Rejek: First Blood
    Secret Strength of the Frenzyheart
    Strength of the Tempest
    The Heartblood's Strength
    Tools of War
        ---The Sons of Hodir---
    Blowing Hodir's Horn
    Feeding Arngrim
    Hot and Cold
    Polishing the Helm
    Spy Hunter
    Thrusting Hodir's Spear
        ---Argent Crusade @ Zul'Drak---
    The Alchemist's Apprentice
    Troll Patrol
    Troll Patrol: Can You Dig It?
    Troll Patrol: Couldn't Care Less
    Troll Patrol: Creature Comforts
    Troll Patrol: Done to Death
    Troll Patrol: High Standards
    Troll Patrol: Intestinal Fortitude
    Troll Patrol: Something for the Pain
    Troll Patrol: The Alchemist's Apprentice
    Troll Patrol: Throwing Down
    Troll Patrol: Whatdya Want, a Medal?
        ---Knights of the Ebon Blade---
    Intelligence Gathering
    Leave Our Mark
    No Fly Zone
    From Their Corpses, Rise!
    Shoot 'Em Up
    Vile Like Fire!
        ---The Kalu'ak---
    Planning for the Future
    Preparing for the Worst
    The Way to His Heart...
        ---The Frostborn---
    Pushed Too Far
        --Horde Expedition / Alliance Vanguard---
    King of the Mountain --Netural
    Blood of the Chosen --Netural
    Drag and Drop --Netural
    Neutralizing the Plague --Netural
    No Rest For The Wicked --Netural
    Not a Bug --Netural
    Retest Now --Netural
    Slaves to Saronite --Netural
    That's Abominable! --Netural
    Static Shock Troops: the Bombardment --Alliance
    Total Ohmage: The Valley of Lost Hope! --Horde
    The Solution Solution --Alliance
    Volatility --Horde
    Capture More Dispatches --Alliance
    Keeping the Alliance Blind --Horde
    Putting the Hertz: The Valley of Lost Hope --Alliance
    Riding the Wavelength: The Bombardment --Horde
    ---Grizzly Hills
    Life or Death --Alliance
    Overwhelmed! --Horde
    Making Repairs --Horde
    Pieces Parts --Alliance
        ---The Storm Peaks--- --Faction Netural--
    Back to the Pit
    Defending Your Title
    Maintaining Discipline
    The Aberrations Must Die
        --World PvP---
    ---Wintergrasp Fortress
    A Rare Herb
    Bones and Arrows
    Defend the Siege
    Fueling the Demolishers
    Healing with Roses
    Jinxing the Walls
    No Mercy for the Merciless
    Slay them all
    Stop the Siege
    Victory in Wintergrasp
    Warding the Walls
    Warding the Warriors
    Call to Arms: Strand of the Ancients
    Make Them Pay! --Horde
    No Mercy! --Allaince
    Shred the Alliance --Horde
    Shredder Repair --Alliance
    --Grizzly Hills
    Keep Them at Bay --Netural
    Riding the Red Rocket --Netural
    Seared Scourge --Netural
    Smoke 'Em Out --Netural
    Down With Captain Zorna! --Alliance
    Crush Captain Brightwater! --Horde
    Keep 'Em on Their Heels --Horde
    Kick 'Em While They're Down --Alliance
    Blackriver Brawl --Horde
    Blackriver Skirmish --Alliance
    ---Howling Fjord---
    Break the Blockade --Alliance
    Steel Gate Patrol --Alliance

    I was wondering when you would actually start :D

    You need to add http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=13421 to Sons of Hodir

    The structure looks good and I would suggest that the tbc dailies are loaded on demand or as a seperate module or even remvoed. I don't think anyone is going back to do them :)
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    Quote from mortja
    I've been a long time proponent of andreasg's little unitframes; they have long been everything I have sought.

    Since a few updates back, I have been having an issue that necessitated me approximating aguf in pitbull because I simply could not stand it.

    Context health coloring, the health bar being colored based on total health, now seems to be on by default unless I use class colors. Even if I specify a color I want my unitframes to remain at all times, as soon as I dip below 80%, it starts going yellow and finally red.

    Is there a way to disable this (I have toggled every option in the configuration window) through LUA? Have I just missed a setting?

    Any help in this would be *greatly* appreciated.

    Yes I noticed that happening and I try to ignore it. As mortja said even if colours are specified the health below 80% starts changing colours to some rgb that I cannot understand.
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    posted a message on ag_Pimpster offical thread
    Quote from break19
    That's not pimpster's fault. thats an underlying unitframe issue. not specific to aguf even..

    So you are telling me that If I use a different unitframe addon this will happen regardless?
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    posted a message on Post your favorite UI screenshot!
    Quote from akymo
    No, that is what you use! This is your favorite UI! Means you can post others screenshot if you like their UI!

    I do not see the need for another thread about UI's then what we currently have. Stop pretending you are right :)
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