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    Hello huys, 




    here is my new UT4 announcer, 


    You can activate it for mobs or /and for players via slash commands.



    /Calls : to Disable/enable calls 

    /Calls Creature : Disable/enable annouce for mobs

    /Calls Player : Disable/enable annouce for player kill

    /Calltimer X : with X as time like " /Calltimer 12" to change Rows timer

    /Calls opt     :Display actual options


    It is the same way than Unreal, the exeption is that you have 13 scd between kills to make rows, instead of 4 in Unreal.


    You have two lines of sounds : 

    for kills without dying up to 30 kills :

        killingspree = 5, killingspree = 5, rampage = 10, dominating = 15, unstoppable = 20, godlike = 30


    for kills in row up to 6 kills:

         "firstblood", "firstblood", "doublekill", "multikill", "megakill", "ultrakill", "monsterkill"


    Please tell me if you encounter some bugs, i am ideally going for BFA with the new world pvp :)


    I don't have the Beta key, so advise me if you meet bugs !


    I am also develloping a light dpsmeter, but it's not valid yet :)



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