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    I'm loving WoD and the whole Followers/Missions thingy but...

    Whenever I log in i've got at least x4 toons who all have about 6 or more completed missions that have to be finalised. At first I thought the whole animation of the followers going jumpy jumpy and punching the air was kinda cute but now it's just time consuming.

    Is there an addon that once I option the mission table, with just one click, it will just complete everything without having to do it for each and every follower?

    Thanx in advance.
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    Hi Kunda,

    Just wanted to say thank you for a great addon that satisfies my morbid curiosity about statistics of what i've eaten /drunk and what i haven't. I am wondering though since i've found some foods that's aren't in the list how they can be added. It doesn't seem to do it automatically so i was wondering if it's a hard-coded thing?
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    I'm a huge fan of WoW and whilst I admit it took me 2 years to get my first toon to lvl 85 (considering i'm 50yo I thought that was fast!), I really enjoy the depth of the game itself. I love my achievments but most I've completed are the normal (solo) ones not the dungeons, but I truly appreciate the effort and work that's put into creating addons like "Ackis Recipe List" and those that help you track what you have done.

    Since WoW tracks so many different achievments, (probably should say statistics), I would love it if there was an addon similar in function to Ackis, that can tell how many different types of food and drink you have comsumed within the game and from a master list, (I think wowhead says there are just over 600 types?), the addon could tell you what you haven't consumed yet and maybe even where you can get it from. ie: vendor, quest, cooked etc

    I've consumed 286 different types of food so far and would love to try eating and drinking everything WoW has to offer if I could work out what it was and where I could find it. Thanks for listening.

    Regards Tegara
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