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    I like to have buffs show up as short coloured text next to my group and raid frames. I've got this working lovely on my priest, with Fort and Spi showing if people don't have those buffs, and Sh, R, M and Shielded showing up if people do have the relevant buffs.

    However as I like to have a universal appearance between characters, and I like to tweak my layout every other week or so, I was trying to condense the two into one luatext which checks player class then uses the appropriate bit, so that I didn't have to use a seperate layout on each character.

    Try as I might I just get errors about not ending functions properly or I get no error, but no text either. Would anyone be good enough to help me with this or point me in the right direction please?

    Edit: Spent some more time trying things out and got an error I could work with and managed to get what I wanted working. In case anyone else wants something similar here's what I'm using:
    local englishClass = UnitClass("player")
    local i = 1
    local fort,spirit,shadow,renew,mend,shield = true,true,false,false,false,false
    local wild,thorns,rejuv,regrow= true,false,false,false
    while true do
    local name = UnitAura(unit,i,HELPFUL)
       if not name then
       elseif name == "Prayer of Fortitude" or name == "Power Word: Fortitude" then
          fort = false
       elseif name == "Prayer of Spirit" or name == "Divine Spirit" then
          spirit = false
       elseif name == "Prayer of Shadow Protection" or name == "Shadow Protection" then
          shadow = true
       elseif name == "Renew" then
          renew = true
       elseif name == "Prayer of Mending" then
          mend = true
       elseif name == "Power Word: Shield" then
          shield = true
       elseif name == "Mark of the Wild" or name == "Gift of the Wild" then
          wild = false
       elseif name == "Thorns" then
          thorns = true
       elseif name == "Rejuvenation" then
          rejuv = true
       elseif name =="Regrowth" then
          regrow = true
    i = i + 1
    if englishClass == "Priest" then 
    return "|cff00BFFF%s|r |cff99FFFF%s|r |cffCC33FF%s|r |cff3FFF3F%s|r |cffE6CE77%s|r %s",fort and "Fort" or '',spirit and "Spi" or '',shadow and "Sh" or '',renew and "R" or '',mend and "M" or '',shield and "Shielded" or ''
    elseif englishClass == "Druid" then
    return "|cffBA55D3%s|r |cffCD6839%s|r |cff9900cc%s|r |cff33FF33%s|r",wild and "Wild" or '',thorns and "Th" or '',rejuv and "R" or '',regrow and "Re" or ''
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    Quote from Valjean »

    Hello. I recently found out about this mod. I used to use Alternate Blips so that my party's mini dot color was red, and the raid's was blue. For whatever reason, that mod no longer works for me.

    Chinchilla's ability to change the minimap dot/icons seems perfect, but I'd like to find a way to make the party vs raid dots much more distinct. Red vs Blue, like I used to have it.

    I tried editing the TGA files in Photoshop, but whatever I did caused all of the icons to be corrupted when I loaded it up in WoW.

    Is there a quick and easy way to make this change? Or is it possible to have it as a colorset feature so the party and raid colors are very distinct from each other?

    Thank you.

    I think, and this is the uneducated speaking, that the simplest way for you to do what you want is to create your own dots package (perhaps copy and edit ones that are available) and set them up as a plugin addon for Chinchilla.

    From the wiki:
    TrackingDots: How can I add my own Dots?
    Once you've created your own textures, set them up as a seperate addon with a .toc and put the below code into a .lua file.
    Chinchilla:AddTrackingDotStyle("My Dot", L["My Dot"], Interface\AddOns\MyDots\MyDot)

    (placing your .tga's in the indicated folder)

    That or hope that Nandini or someone else makes some more yum Blip/Dot packages
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    I've been using the minipet addon from warcraftpets for a few weeks now and I really like it. I have so many minipets that it seems silly not to have them out and I can easily ignore or dismiss the button when I don't want it. I looked at menagerie but had no need or want of the bank swapping or mounts and tabard inclusion. Minipet seems to me a pretty simple, straightforward mod (in the best way) and without bulk. All I can say is I'm very happy with it and have had no issues at all with it.
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    I'd say check that your saved variables haven't been made read-only, and if you've used something else to move the minimap previously that all it's settings are removed.
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    Thanks Aviana, looking forward to 2.4 :D
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    Heya Chookie,

    I can only really add my personal preferences, like everyone else.

    Minimap: Chinchilla apart from the cute name it has alot of nice features

    Unitframes: I'm using Pitbull, if you're very into customising they're great sort of an 'anything, anyhow'

    Action bars: Bartender3 is what I use, very simple and I'm happy with it. I have used Bongos happily in the past too.

    Chat: idchat + teknicolor, idchat adds timestamps, shortens channel names, removes buttons and enables mouse scrolling and arrows for the edit box. There's no configuration or commands, if you want a different timestamp style or channel abbreviations it's a very quick simple edit of the .lua file. Teknicolor adds class coloring of known units to all your chat channels.
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    I've submitted an initial wiki page for Chinchilla, I hope that's alright and that all the information is correct. If you'd rather not have one or there's anything wrong feel free to remove it.

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    I just wanted to quickly say thank you for this addon Starinnia and especially for adding in multi bank support and the tooltip info. I run a sister guild to our older main guild and mobilevault has been very helpful in making sure we can keep both guild banks running smoothly.
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    You might be looking for http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7287-HealAssign.html

    Or there's a mod called HealOrganizer on http://files.wowace.com/sw-h.html
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    Will try the mod now, but just had to say that's a gorgeous Chinchilla you have there! *loves standard greys*
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    While it's not exactly what you're after, you might want to try Bulkmail2, it offers you a seperate window to which you can add multiple items via alt+click to be sent to the same person. Perhaps more interestingly to you it also lets you set up default receipients for various items or types of items (by item name, link or PTset). For example I have all herbs set to send to my alchemist and all netherweave to my tailor, as soon as I go to the sent tab at the post box any items in my bag that match what I've set are automatically added to the send list with their set receipient listed, I just have to press send and they're on their way. I have my bank alt set as my default and then anything I add and send without typing a name is sent to it.

    I shuffle items around alot and find it invaluable.
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    Thank you for this. I'm loving Anywhere bags, especially the low profile- I really like the dewdrop list/chat reporting rather than on screen virtual bags.
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    I've been missing a simple language switch too.
    I used to use Language command a long time ago (gave you a slash command to change languages) but since re-doing my computer I haven't tried it to see if it works with TBC. Since then I've just been 'un-hiding' the language button with prat when I want to switch.

    Quote from Gailly »

    I just did this small Fubar Plugin :)


    oo thank you for that Gailly I'll go try it out!

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    I'm not sure if this is something that I have done wrong however since the swap to PT3 I've been getting this error
    Baggins.lua:1905:bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
    whenever I go to the Item Info>Periodic Sets menu. I've deleted the saved vars, loaded Baggins on it's own, deleted and reinstalled it to no avail.

    The .lua line it refers to is
    for k,v in pairs(pt.k) do

    but knowing next to nothing about coding or .lua I can't see anything obvious.

    Any help would be appreciated as I've found Baggins brilliant to use so far,
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    You could try http://wow.curse-gaming.com/en/files/details/4372/immersionrp/ (ImmersionRP) seems a nice successor to FlagRsp and MyRoleplay, being smaller and kinder to memory.

    It's still in Beta but is worth a look!
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