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    Thank you for that awesome mod.

    Im using it in 1.12 client now, it works well.
    Anyway, sometimes i have some trouble (on 1.12)
    Grid does'nt show unitname. I have to activate/desactivate center text and reloadUi to solve the issue, and sometimes, even doing this doesnt work.
    (im using a french client, I dont know if it matters)

    Other thing, Issue in beta:
    When using the latest grid commit (rev:17574) on the actual beta client (toc is already at 20000), i always get a lua error at start:

    Interface\addon\grid\GridRange.lua:18:attempt to compare a number with nil
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    Quote from Abula »

    First i wanna thank Miles for the great work and effort to get aguf working on TBC.

    I have a slight problem, i dont think its directly related to aguf, but maybe someone knows how to fix it, i can no longer right click the target, nothing happens. I just want to be able to invite or wisper thru the portrait, im not sure is aguf problem i think its more a blizzard thing since its happening only since this last patch, but when i disable aguf i can right click the blizzard default, but when i load aguf i cant again, i already deleted wtf and re set everything, no luck, so im guessing its save in another place.

    Thanks for any help.

    Same issus here.
    that happens after the last patch. Something has change in the ui I guess...
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    thx for making this nice mod for BC.

    i have encountered few problems on beta

    Sometimes the TargetofTarget frame does'nt show up at all, mostly when primary target is a mob.

    And the target frame doesnt show up when the player is attacked. The basic UI make it popping up if we get an aggro.

    Ah and it would really nice to see the enemycasting bar on the target frame :)
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