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    posted a message on What updates to save?
    What Xinhuan said.

    I have WoW in its own partition on my harddisk, and I have installed it exactly once.

    When I reinstall windows, i just run the launcher as normal and it works.

    When I upgrade my PC, I just copy the whole WoW folder across the network, and run the launcher, and it works.
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    posted a message on Debuff Counter Addon
    Been a while since I last did Occulus, but I seem to recall the MalygosHelper addon also counted stacks for the Ember drakes.
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    posted a message on AceTimer-3.0 help w/ ScheduleRepeatTimer
    I had exactly the same error using the function name as a parameter.

    I got around my problem by rewriting some things and using ScheduleTimer() instead.
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    posted a message on AceTimer-3.0 help w/ ScheduleRepeatTimer
    I'm having trouble getting AceTimer-3.0 to work (as expected)

    AdeleaUtility = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):NewAddon("AdeleaUtility", "AceEvent-3.0", "AceTimer-3.0")
    local timers={}
    function AdeleaUtility:ScanItem()
     -- do some stuff
    function AdeleaUtility:CheckItem()
    -- do some stuff
    timers.ScanItem=self:ScheduleRepeatingTimer("ScanItem", 5)

    Everything seems to work, up until I need to cancel my timer.

    Where I get the error:

    AceTimer-3.0: CancelTimer(handle[,silent]): 'table: 19BBA260' - no such timer registered

    I can hide the error by adding the parameter 'true' to the CancelTimer call, but the timer carries on running and isnt actually stopped.
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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    Quote from Anadale
    Guys, I've just created a poll on project's main page for turning off borders. Go there and vote, and if enough of you vote for it - I'll add an option to hide borders. But it will look ugly. UGLY! You are warned.

    Here is the link.

    P.S. Remember, I'd warned you!
    P.P.S. Please, please, use Ticketing system for bugreports and feature requests. You can't imagine how it saves my time and keeps me from forgetting my promises :)

    To be honest Id be happy with being able to set their size. I have a couple of small bars (see picture) and with the border I dont like the look at all.

    A simple 1 pixel wide black border would be lovely.
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    posted a message on HeadCount - Raid attendance and loot tracker
    1. You could be right, but this isnt any functionality I have needed so dont miss it.

    2/3. Not sure what you mean. When a piece of loot is looted, a popup box appears, which has :

    Looted by:
    Loot source:
    Loot cost:
    Loot note:

    Fields. You can set the cost of the item in the Loot cost: field and this gets uploaded in the export. Admittedly it isnt auto-filled in, which would be nice, but I can live with entering costs manually - something to do when the next piece of loot is being handled.

    Next to the Looted by: field are 3 icons. The first sets the item to 'Bank', the second to 'Disenchanted'

    It could be you dont have the popups enabled - /hc loot popup will toggle that.

    You can also /hc gui, select the raid, click the 'View Raid Loot' button, then click the text icon for 'Manage Loot' which will also bring up the popup.

    4. I dont remember that happening, but I dont DC mid raid that often. However, if you type : /hc gui

    The main headcount window has at the top a list of raids it has stored, and above that next to the 'Raid history' text is two icons. The first ends the current active raid. If you are in a raid zone, it will start another raid for the new zone immediately.
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    posted a message on SickOfClickingDailies
    I installed this addon this morning, and some comments =)

    - Troll Patrol quests : worked fine here, but after accepting Alchemist Finklestein's you need to click him again to start the quest, this sort of sent the addon into a loop. After pressing ESC to close the windows and shift clicking him to start it, after completion the hand in was automatic.

    - Sons of Hodir quests : Of the 6 available, only "Spy Hunter" was automatically accepted. The other 5 were not : "Hot and Cold", "Blowing Hodir's Horn", "Thrusting Hodir's Spear", "Polishing the Helm" and "Arngrim the Insatiable"

    On completion, again only Spy Hunter handed in automatically.

    Ebon Blade : All 6 of these worked perfectly fine.
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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework
    Quote from sylvanaar
    You use SpamMeNot?

    You can turn off 2 col chatframes for now.

    I'm having the same issue with r129 - but only in one of my two chat windows.

    The default chat window is perfectly fine, but my extra chat window has these manic numbers.

    If I disable timestamps on my 2nd chat window, then they stay all manic, up until there is activity on that window, at which point they revert to normal timestamps.

    If I then reenable timestamps they are fine, up until there is activity then they all start going nuts again.
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    posted a message on StatBlockCore v2: Make use of your broker plugins!
    Ive recently just switched to SBC from Fubar, and after playing around with it a bit, I have a request =)

    If you use the mousewheel to remove text (which is often just the name of the module), you can easily go a bit too far, with the end-result that the frame has a width less than the icon, this can make interacting with it a bit tricky.

    Would it be possible to add something into SBC so that if there is an icon, then the minimum width of the frame is set to the width of the icon?

    At the moment, I've hardcoded the following into SBC:new

    if (newBlock:GetWidth() < 20) then

    This works for me, since this is the width of the icons with my UI scale - but making it a bit more generic, and setting the width to the actual icon width seems a good idea.
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    posted a message on LDB w/ Multiple Clickable Icons / No Text

    Is it possible to create multiple clickable icons that are linked to another?

    I used to use the FuBar_CharmsFu addon to handle raid target assignments, and having ditched FB for StatBlockCore + Fubar2Broker, this addon no longer works (having a dependency on FuBar)

    So, I elected to write my own version, and what I have so far is:

    local ldb = LibStub:GetLibrary("LibDataBroker-1.1")
    local Charms = CreateFrame("frame")
    function Charms:Setup()
        local btnidx
        Charms.dataobj = {}
        for btnidx=1,9 do
            Charms.dataobj[btnidx] = ldb:NewDataObject("Broker_Charms"..btnidx,
            {    type = "data source",
                icon = "Interface\\AddOns\\SB_Charms\\Charms\\charm"..(btnidx-1),
                text = "",
            Charms.dataobj[b].OnClick = function()
                SetRaidTarget("target", (btnidx-1))
    What I would like to be able to do, is to have these 9 buttons created and linked to one another in a line.

    If I assume that I am using StatBlockCore, then I can do :

    StatBlockCore_Broker_Charms2:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", StatBlockCore_Broker_Charms1, "TOPRIGHT",0,0)
    However, that throws errors on loading unless I can force my addon to load after StatBlockCore has loaded and created all the LDB frames. (Which I have no idea how to do)

    It seems that I should (wishful thinking?) be able to specify these buttons be linked when I create them.

    This then leads to the 2nd part of my question - which I suspect is more related to SBC than LDB. How do I create the button with no text, or with the text pre-minimised?

    If in the above example I join those 2 buttons, then there is a big gap between them where the empty text box goes. I can minimise the gap and everything works as it should.

    If I dont minimise the gap, and just position the buttons next to one another, then it seems that the gap is over the top of the adjacent button and so the effect is I cannot click the adjacent button until I minimise the text box.

    So, is it possible to create it with a pre-minimised text box?

    I've tried using

    text = ""
    text = {}
    Which both give me a big gap.

    Not specifying a text = entry gives me some default text.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from electronicpunk
    Nope, actually still using Titan, but will more than likely switch pretty soon so I can get something I know will be updated by the Curse updater - as Titan just removed all their stuff from Curse ;o

    So actually, you mean 'yes', your situation does match what I described =)

    If you didnt use Fubar, then I believe FubarPlugin-2.0 would put the icon on the minimap.

    Since BW is now no longer using the FuBarPlugin, and I guess LibDataBroker doesnt replicate the adding the icon to the minimap, you are now in the situation where there is no icon handling going on, and no icon being place on the minimap.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from tenchu
    BigWigs-r4760 icon does not show on FuBar? Shows with Broker2Fubar but can't click it to access the options. Had to roll back to BigWigs-r4752. Any idea?

    Appears to be intentional - FuBarPlugin-2.0 has been removed from BigWigs addon.

    Very annoying, as my previous post says, I had to install StatBlockCore in order to get it working as I wanted.

    Broker2Fubar doesnt appear to support any of the options for any addons that use it, instead bringing up the B2F configuration window rather than the underlying addons.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    BW doesnt appear to support FuBar directly any more (no longer including/using FuBarPlugin-2.0), and I think the behaviour of this used to put the minimap icon if FuBar wasnt being used, or if it was selected to go there.

    Does this match your situation?

    I had to install StatBlockCore (or some other LDB manager) in order to get these Addons to show up again.
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    posted a message on Omen3
    Well, as I am currently finding out, Broker2Fubar doesnt work as well as it could/should.

    I cant access the options for any of the LDB only addons on FuBar using B2F.

    So I am having to use StatBlockCore to display those addons, and messing around with various options and using manual positioning to get them where I want them.

    All this would be so much easier if these addons kept the Fubar support they used to have.
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Quote from Rabbit
    Actually I removed the FuBar plugin at a later point. There's only LDB support now.
    Although I could maybe add it back in.

    Please. Although that would only fix CG, and not any of the others that no longer provide native support for FuBar.

    I guess what's really needed is a fix for BrokerToFubar, so that it works =)
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