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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    I been using simple minimap, move everything and dmbs button lock (+ many more, none though affectiong map buttons).

    Somehow my mail button got lost and i cant find it. I dont see me as beginner with adons but no matther what i do i cant get it back. Even deleting the WTF file dont reset my UI?!
    Even unabling those addons above the button are gone.
    When i toggle mail button show/hide in simple minimap it shows, but at next relog its gone. Its not hided in move anything.

    Anyone out there with an idea or tip that can help me, please.

    Thank you
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    posted a message on Pitbull
    After updateing to last pitbull something wierd happened.
    I cant find Pitbull in addon list at character screen. Also in game the unitframes are gone from my UI as well as Pitbull are gone from my fubar addonlist.
    Im healing through Clique (just to explain) and when i click the "empty space" where i should have the unitframes it heals them.
    So they are there, but still not ...o,O...

    When i check my game folder - interface/addon folder, all sub pitbull folders earlier always been under pitbull folder. Now there are loads of pitbull_#### folders (like with Atlasloot and bossmods, to give an idea).

    ANyone else have this issue. How are pitbull folders supppose to be now?
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    posted a message on GridStatusMissingBuffs
    Anyone know what this error means? Updating dosent help. May it be im not using standard skin?
    All the sudden it stoped working and i get this same error alot.


    Thank you.
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    posted a message on [Grid] RaidDebuff
    So far i manually added all debuffs from every encounter up to 3/6 in SW (you can se burn for example in my raid screeny below). Do you say theres an grid addon out there with all those debuffs already in?
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    posted a message on [Grid] GridDynamicZoneSwitch
    I have another question for this addon - it works great for me, but not for arena 2,3,5vs.
    Anyone know the exact zonename to ad?
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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    Thanks for a wonderful addon!
    After lats update i cant hide tracking button - just me or anyone else?

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    posted a message on PerfomaceFu
    Read back quite allot but didnt find the anwser im looking for so im trying with a new topic (forgive me if i missed it).

    Anyway, i working some addons, mostly lightweight ace ones.
    Now when i ad atlasloot, recount etc the numbers turns red asap but i cant say i notice any less performance. The game feels as smooth as without them.

    My question is, Does performaceFu have pre set numbers where it color the memory usage from green to yellow to red. Or are those values diffrent from computers to computers depending on memory etc?

    Thanks for reading my post
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    posted a message on Grid
    Quote from Phanx »

    I'd recommend editing your guide so that it isn't telling new users to install all of the optional Grid plugins; many of the ones available have overlapping and/or conflicting functionality (like the HoT and layout plugins), or frequently cause major issues (like GridManaBars), or are outdated and/or unnecessary (like GridStatusIncomingHeals), or are class-specific (like the HoT plugins), or are just plain pointless (i.e. they don't add anything you need to be a good healer, and just clutter up your screen).

    You might also want to update it to explain the new multi-range system, including the fact that if it's causing performance issues they can alleviate the problem by disabling all but one range.

    I wont argue with you, I will remove it from public to healer forum. Just wanted to help as many as possible. I did not write it from a neutral point of view, i wrote it from a healer point of view.
    It once got very positive response from official priest forum.
    You know more about overlapping issues, i know nothing and did not think of that, neither do i know about the multi-range system.
    It was just suppose to be a helping start to new users as it is complex at start.
    I dont agree about clustering up UI with the extra add-ons at all, its very informative:

    I also changed my signature.
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    posted a message on Grid
    Quote from sid »

    I'm hoping somebody can explain how to get pets to show right in 5 mans.

    right now, no matter what layout setting I use, they are put below the 5 man group, making a column of 6 (sometimes 7/8) grid boxes.

    This causes all shorts of mayhem with grid and other addons as well...how do I get the pets to go into a column by themselves (like they ought to)?

    Id like that as well but i dont think you can change that at the moment.
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    posted a message on Grid
    Is there an easy way to toggle horizontal / vertikal layout with a macro?
    Got two macros for group 40/10 and 25/class that i recived here half a year ago.

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    posted a message on Grid
    Quote from Pachelbel »

    The only time (AFAIK) that you get any information about LoS errors is on a failed spell cast or ranged melee attempt. The module I'm working parses the error indicator that pops up and adds a timed duration alert to Grid for it (after the error occurs), which can be tied to an indicator.

    I mainly use it in BGs when I am spamming heals in an area. The indicator, which I have set to stay visible for 8secs, reminds me this person was out of LoS (probably in a tower or bunker) even though they were in range, and I either need to move to find them, or ignore them in heals for a while. I sometimes miss the built in LoS error text message that pops up because I'm focused on my Grid frame, or I get confused about which of the 40 players I had LoS errors on 3 casts ago, and having an indicator pop up in Grid helps. I find it useful.

    I've been trying to expand its usefulness by adding an alert on the target's Grid frame if the target has one. I think a player might like to know that a healer tried to heal him, but he was out of LoS -- especially if he's a tank. And since it would be configurable he could turn the indicator on or off as he saw fit.


    That is so cool!! whish i know anything about computers exept playing on them.
    Ill keep my eye out and id be glad to help out testing it.
    If its possible (and again i know nothing about coding) make a time slider as if a target are los, for how long the indicator should show him as los.

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    posted a message on Grid
    Quote from Phanx »

    Well, if you can't remove a debuff, why does it matter if you notice it immediately or not?

    Well, just becourse you cant remove it, it dosnt men the information isnt important.

    Warriors - Last Stand

    Illhoof - Demon Chains
    Zul'jin - Grievous Throw

    Hydross - Water Tomb
    Morogrim - Watery Grave (pic added below)
    Leotheras - Insidiuos Whisper (pic added below)
    Leotharas - Whirlwind
    Solarian - Wrath of the Astromancer
    Lady Vashj - Static Charge
    Lady Vashj - Poison bolts

    Rage Winterchill - Icebolt
    Archimonde - Doomfire

    High Warlord Naj'entus Strategy- Impaling Spine
    Teron Gorefiend - Shadow of Death
    Gurtogg Bloodboil - Fel Rage - Make sure to raise prio so you see this debuff over Bloodboil
    Gurtogg Bloodboil - Bloodboil (pic added below)
    Reliquary of Souls - Fixate
    Reliquary of Souls - Deaden
    Reliquary of Souls - Spite
    Illidan Council:
    Veras Darkshadow - Deadly Poison
    Lady Malande - Divine Wrath
    Illidan Stormrage:
    Parasitic Shadowfiend
    Dark Barrage
    Agonizing Flames

    You can read my full post there -->> http://forum.mysticalodour.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=9922


    Yesterday it hit me that if you could ad ppl lost out of sight (around corners etc) and make it like out of range it would be so cool. Dont know if its possible but it would be a great!

    Also, after updating last grid i now get estimated heals, but i jsut cant find the place with options for it. But it should be under Grid/status/ estimated heals . . but i got nothing like it there.
    Anyone know where to toggle it?


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    posted a message on ctrl + z
    This migh be a dumb question but screw it :P

    Im about to re do my UI bigtime, im inspired by when you press ctrl + Z so im aiming towards hiding everything exept grid. Ill hide the map, target, buffs, use bartenders fadeout etc but one thing that concerns me are the addon buttons. My goal are to only have quartz, grid and bigwig showing.

    So, can you access all ace addons through ./addonname config?

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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    Thanks for a wonderful addon.

    Would it be possible to ad expand function? Like Omen when ppl start to take aggro it expand up/down wards.
    Small chattframe and when ppl start to chat it expands up or downwards untill a max pre sete size?

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    posted a message on Grid
    I have collected some info and tips at:

    Dont know where else to post it.
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