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    posted a message on Hooking clicks in the Dungeon Journal
    Works great: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/tacticator
    Thank you
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    posted a message on Hooking clicks in the Dungeon Journal
    Great, I'll try that!
    I've looked at options for "hooking templates" but wihtout success. Hooking CreateFrame approaches this differently so I'll give it a try when I get home.
    Thank you!
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    posted a message on Hooking clicks in the Dungeon Journal
    I would like to hook the links from the dungeon journal (when shift-clicking) so they end up in my addon instead of in the normal chat frame but haven't been completely successful.
    The buttons in the journal frame are created "on demand" depending on how many button that were shown in the last situation and how many that are needed now.
    If I try to hook for example EJ_GetSectionInfo instead they have a tendency to be recursive so I get everything under the selected section as well.

    What is the best way to hook the journal link? Any ideas?
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    posted a message on EasyLoot
    EasyLoot is an addon that helps you automatically , greed and need items that dtops in WoW.
    List the items that the addon should pock up or ignore when you loot or set a minimum quality level and the addon will pick up those items for you when you click a body or open a container.

    You can also set up a list of instance drop that you need or always want to roll greed on and the addon will do just that - you don't even have to see the roll option, the item just appears in your inventory if you win.

    Instead of greeding you can set the addon to DE items if possible (if there is an enchanter in the group).

    Items in your AtlasLoot whish list can be used as part of your need list.

    If you're a skinnet the addon can help you keep your bags clean by destroying gray items that you loot.

    Planned features/Feature requests
    Value limit for deletable items

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    posted a message on Req: Horn of winters
    There are loads of addons that can show you this kind of information.
    You can use TellMeWhen for example if you just want to know when it expires or something like SmartBuff for telling you when it's about to expire and for giving you the option of rebuffing.
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    posted a message on Frame inheiritance problem
    Sorry for late reply but you can use GetParent() and GetChildren() to find the widgets and navigate through the tree if you don't know the value of the $parent variable when you write the templates.
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    posted a message on Access to minimap arrow rotation angle?
    Think there is a function that looks like this:
    facing = GetPlayerFacing()

    where facing is the direction in radians (0 - 2*pi), 0 = north
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    posted a message on [Inventory] Multi characters
    Altoholic is probably the closest you get.
    The tooltips for items (inventory or crafting windows) will show you how many items of that kind that you have available on each character and where (bank, inventory) and also how many you can find in the guild bank (last time you checked).
    The information gets updated every time you log on or change the content of your inventory (bank information is updated when you look into the bank) so the information is as fresh as you can get it.
    Altoholic gives you information on when emails expire, not sure if it keeps track of what's in them though.
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