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    Any of you know if there is a way to create such an aura filter in pitbull so that if from a list of auras more than one is present only one will show.

    What I want is only show 1 aura for all the agility buffs such as Horn of Winter, Strength of Earth, Battle Shout, roar of Courage.

    What I have done so far is created filters for each aura of those abilities where they are there on their own, then created another filter that is "meta" and I added all the filters for the individual abilties with "OR", but it still shows more than one aura if I have more than one of those abilities on me.
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    Quote from mojosdojo
    Please make a ticket.

    But before actually posting the ticket, please use the ticket trackers search function, see if there has been a ticket for the same thing.

    The Twilight Blast /say has been declined, since it'd be way spammy.
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