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    AddOn page: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/watchxp

    Ever get tired of constantly asking your friend or leveling buddy "how close to leveling are you?" or "how many bars in are you?". If so, WatchXP is here to help. Whenever you're in a party with someone else who also has WatchXP installed (more on that below) and isn't max-level, you will see where they are in experience on your experience bar. If you're max level and don't have an experience bar, it'll show on your reputation bar instead. It'll update automatically as they gain experience, meaning you always know exactly how ahead or behind you they are, and how close they are to dinging!

    Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve how much experience another player has using only the WoW API, so someone else needs WatchXP for you to see their experience. Maybe someday it will be possible without WatchXP, meaning you'll see EVERYONE in your party on your experience bar, even if they don't have WatchXP.

    You can also request a marker from a person not in your group (either directly, or through Battle.net), but it won't update automatically. The other person also needs to have WatchXP installed.

    You can customize the texture, size, and vertical offset of the marker, and the font face, size, color, and vertical offset of the label (or hide it entirely). You can also control when the label displays the other person's level and realm - either never, always, or only if they differ from your level or realm. Labels will flip around when two markers are near each other to avoid overlapping labels. If there's many markers though, some overlapping is unavoidable.
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    I'm writing an item stat comparison addon and I'm having a bit of a problem with random suffix enchants ("of the Monkey", etc.). For example, let's take

    [Hacking Cleaver of the Monkey]: +3 Agility, +3 Stamina

    GetItemStats(<item link>) for that item returns not 3 Agility/Stamina, but 28839 Agility/Stamina. This particular item's suffix ID is -78, and its unique ID is -2081052416.

    The suffix ID is negative, so it's one of the new scaling random enchants. -78 is Monkey, and the agility and stamina are bit.band(uniqueid,65535) * .6666. bit.band(-2081052416,65535) returns 43624, which, multiplied by .6666, returns 28839. Why?

    Another broken item's unique id is 1964933888, which, after bit.band, is 33536.

    Let's try it with a weapon that is actually correct: [Sockeye Dagger of the Elder]
    Suffix ID: -44 (Elder, suffix factor * .7889 for stamina, .5259 for intellect/spirit)
    Unique ID: -1664483297

    bit.band(-1664483297,65535) = 31
    31 * .7889 = 24 Stamina
    41 * .5259 = 16 Intellect, 16 Spirit

    So that item works just fine. But certain items don't. Does anyone have any idea why some items don't work, and any way to get around it?
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