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    posted a message on Trying to create a thread under WoW>General Addons and its getting automatically flagged as spam

    I can't seem to create a thread without it automatically being flagged as spam without any explanation as to why.

    I even removed all links/embeds and tried to create it a second time with the same result.

    Can a moderator please help me?

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    posted a message on Reckless Abandon - Official Thread

    Hello Folks!

    Whether you are like me and have account cap on characters, or if you are a normal person with a few alts, you may have run into a full quest log.


    If this sounds like you, then you might have wished at the time that there was an easier way to clear out quests you don't care about that didn't involve nuking your entire log.

    Let me introduce you to Reckless Abandon, a new addon I have created to help make informed decisions about what quests you want to keep or kill.


    • Abandon buttons placed right in your quest log.
    • Abandon groups of zone and campaign quests, or individual quests
    • Exclude quests from group abandons
    • Abandon all quests entirely with the command line
    • Toggle-able guard rails if you want to actually confirm, but don't want to have to drill into quest details or right click abandon
    • Configurable via an options panel

    Supported Versions:

    • Retail
    • Classic Era
    • BC Classic

    Check out this overview video by dominabox


    I have a shortlist of upcoming features that I will be adding in the near future that will also help manage dailies, low level, and high level quests


    I love feedback, feel free to provide bug reports or submit feature requests on our Github pages (Retail, Classic). You can submit them here as well, but I might not always see them.

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