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    posted a message on Talented, a Talent template editor !
    Hi, I wonder if import from mmo-champion.com links is possible/planned? I see that many people are starting to use that talent calculator to make builds. Several of the class guides on elitist-jerks list to mmo-champion builds etc.
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    posted a message on BadBoy: An extremely minimal spam blocker & reporter
    Just got this one:
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    posted a message on Worldofwar.net - Warning
    Was searching for something wow-related on google and found a link to worldofwar.net (one of the larger unofficial communities). When I clicked the link this warning page popped up by google: http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=http://www.worldofwar.net/forums/showthread.php%3Ft%3D419763%26goto%3Dnewpost&hl=da Just letting you know in case you use that forum yourself.
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    posted a message on Gnomish Yellow Pages -- Official Thread
    I logged into my priest today. I got the latest update of this addon.

    The social window kept opening, so I had to disable GYP. Don't know what went wrong. Only thing that has been different from all day was the fact that I was in a raid. Can't say if its any raid-addon that interfered with something.
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    posted a message on Gnomish Yellow Pages -- Official Thread
    I think I have located at least one of the addons that causes this to spam /who to the chat-window. I tried to uninstall SpamMeNot and it disappared. I installed BadBoy instead which has a similar function as SpamMeNot.
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    posted a message on ItemValue
    Hi, I tried the version Nayala posted a few pages back. I tried to enter custom weights for my holy priest. My problem is that if I try to print gear-toplists it only shows level 70 gear. I find it hard to believe that the level 80 gear should not be better. Is there some setting somewhere I might have missed?
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    posted a message on "AchievementsHelper"
    I was thinking of an addon that works a bit like QuestHelper but only for Achievements instead. Perhaps it should look at which zone I am in and suggest which achievements I am missing which I can complete in this zone. Sorry if it already exists. If it does please tell me name of the addon :)
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    posted a message on Craft Announcer
    Got this idea after my mage have tried for several days now in the trade chat to get some tailor-items crafted.

    This addon should simply announce what you can craft to other users of the addon. After you installed it, it probably would need to scan your tradeskills for items you can create (not necessarily only items, could be enchants as well).

    Misc. Improvement suggestion:

    1. Flag as DND. Could autoflag as well. Say if your current zone is "Karazhan" you probably don't wanna be disturbed.

    2. Mark which items you are interested in crafting. If you are currently leveling your professions, perhaps you are only interested in crafting what might give a skillup.
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    posted a message on "/who" opens Social Window
    For some reason my Social Window is popping up whenever I or an addon do a "/who" on a person.

    I update my addons daily, and it started today. Since most of my addons are Ace based I wonder if any of you know what might cause this?

    For instance I use the CensusPlus addon, and when it takes a snapshot of the server the social window keep popping up faster than I can close it!
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    posted a message on NetherPanel - A Java WoW Manager with Style.
    Looks very promising :)

    I have only used NetherPanel for 30 minutes so pardon if I overlooked something but here is my comments:

    1. The "Launch WoW" function: Would be nice if you could actually edit the commandline executed since I am using Linux and I need to tell it to execute wow via Wine (the Windows emulator).

    2. Autocomplete while searching addons: It seems to try to complete the name premature and I have to manually press the delete key and retype what I was searching for. Somehow it doesn't seem to replace what I type when it think it already found the addon name. Hope you understand what I tried to say :)

    3. WowInterface Addons: Is there somewhere I can add addons to the list of wowinterface addons installed/updated? Your selection does not fit my choices from wowinterface :)
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    posted a message on Cartographer_Waypoints - Official Thread
    Getting similar error as Tommysp. I updated all my addons today:

    2008/07/01 21:20:48-1-x1]: Cartographer_Waypoints-2.0\Waypoints.lua:507: attempt to index field 'db' (a nil value)
    LibRock-1.0-3317 (LibRock-1.0):2594: in function <Interface\AddOns\LibRock-1.0\LibRock-1.0.lua:2557>
    LibRock-1.0-3317 (LibRock-1.0):2715: in function <Interface\AddOns\LibRock-1.0\LibRock-1.0.lua:2710>
    <in C code>: in function `LoadAddOn'
    Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:908: in function `UIParentLoadAddOn':
    Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:234: in function `CombatLog_LoadUI':
    Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:327: in function `UIParent_OnEvent':
    <string>:"*:OnEvent":1: in function <[string "*:OnEvent"]:1>

    [2008/07/01 21:20:56-1-x351]: Cartographer_Waypoints-2.0\Waypoints.lua:1091: attempt to index field 'tex' (a nil value)
    LibRockTimer-1.0-1118 (LibRockTimer-1.0):289: in function <...terface\AddOns\LibRockTimer-1.0\LibRockTimer-1.0.lua:227>
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    posted a message on Recipe Mats
    Hi, not sure if such addon exists or if it has been suggested before but here it is...

    I would like to see an addon that would break down what I really need to craft an item.


    I want to make Rough Boomsticks.

    Ok, so I need:
    1 copper tube
    1 handful of copper bolts
    1 wooden stock.

    But what I really need is:
    3 copper
    1 weak flux
    1 wooden stock

    Does such addon exist or are there any programmers willing to take the task? :)
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    posted a message on Modified Tank Points for non-tanks
    Pawn is a good start, but if you look at the documentation for tankpoints/healpoints you can see that they take a lot into consideration like talents etc. Pawn is very simple in that regard.

    I still say a "DPSPoints" or whatever you call it would be a very popular addon.

    I have seen several comments to both tankpoints and healpoints on the curse-gaming site that people want that sort of addon. Any authors that likes theorycrafting? :)

    Crosses fingers :)
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