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    Thanx for the answer.
    I just tried to combine self made panels with AceConfig panels. It works just fine except for the appearance in the addon listing in the optionmenu.
    Childpanels i wrote myself can be shown/hidden with a red "+" next to the addonname in the listing. Using AceConfig there is no "+" and the childs are allready listed.
    Combining both methods lead to a red "+" that lets me open/close only the self defined panels and leaving the AceConfig panels listed.
    I made a screenshot of that:
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    I just finished my first addon and need to build a optionpanel now.
    I need to make a DropDownMenu for the backdrop-textures, font and sounds, but as far as I understand Ace I can only build one if I build the entire optionpanel-tab with AceConfig. Is there a way to implement that dropdownmenu in my allready existing optionpanel ?

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    will there be an update on the positioning system for buffs/debuffs? I think there was a x/y position additionally to the anchor "buttom/left/right/top". For example after setting the anchor to "left" you could still adjust the position in x/y by a few pixel. Would love to see that again because I want to put the debuffs insight instead of outsight of the healthbar.

    Quoting myself from wowinterface:
    Is it possible to hide tanks in the normal raidframe? I love this feature in the blizzard raidframe - seperating the tanks in a new window. I allready list the tanks in a new window, but they are also shown in the raidframe. Is it possible to hide them there?
    For Example: In a 25-man raid with 2 tanks, 23 are listed in the normal raidframe and the 2 tanks are only listed in the "maintank"-frame?

    On a future patch will it be possible to sort the raid by role? Also a nice feature of the blizz raidframe
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