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    Just for the life of me can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here. Some nice person submitted a bug report and PM'd me the addon's saved data so I can debug. I can't find any trace of it. All adblock software is disabled. Can anyone offer some assistance on how to operate the internet?


    Attached some images.


    Thanks in advance.






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    Thank you very much for the quick reply! Have a good one.

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    The second argument passed to each lua file - is this in the global namespace for ALL addons, or unique to each addon?


    local ADDON_NAME, T = ...


    Will doing something like the following pollute the global namespace and cause collisions with other addons?


    T["SomeCommonlyUsedName"] = "something"


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    For those of you who enjoy the mindless entertainment of random battlegrounds. This spruces them up quite a bit with the following features:

    * Total damage / healing and rank on personal scoreboard.
    * Rankings (1-3) of most killing blows and damage on nameplates.
    * Player scores in that BG appear over nameplates.
    * Killing blow sounds
    * After action report does complicated math for you
    * Match History shows overall win / loss and kill / death ratio
    * (Worst for last) Enhanced unit frame portraits for classes that are 100% absurd.

    Although its been around for awhile I finally spent some time and really polished it. Behold:

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