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    posted a message on An idea for an universal update system
    Quote from Torhal
    Bah. It'd be teksML.

    Submit it to W3C :p

    (It worked, a mere mention of his name... he replied! hehe)


    apt-get will work hehe, especially for Linux users ;) I think that's the best "updater" for us freedom-lovers.


    Hmm, yes, the hosting/bandwidth "for" the authors. Maybe host just the XML for the updater to use, and from there it'll randomly pick up where to download?
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    Am I seeing a new system in the future?
    Maybe the three major repos won't use it, but that won't stop others from building upon it ;)
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    In a way, I think it addresses the issue. As he said, an author can put as many links as he can for all the places where that file is available.

    An updater could then choose randomly from which of those list of links (of course it already checked the version of the files [or the author updates his links if he has an update so as not to pull bandwidth from the sites]), and then the updater downloads and unpacks it.

    So now, 100 users downloading, for example teksLoot, are downloading it from WoWI, WoWAce, Curse, WoWUI, teks' own repository. Assuming the distribution is divided equally, we have 20 downloaders for each site listed by tekkub.

    It dispersed it. It is somewhat "decentralized" from the perspective of the system or the updater, instead of barraging WoWAce or WoWI or tek's repo by those 100 users.

    The issue however, as was said, is having the addon sites adopt it. Secondly, they are still a business regardless, so all these addon sites are actually competing with each other. They'd rather have people downloading from their own site (like Curse) than let them download from WoWI...

    Then we have the ADs.

    It's a good idea, and I think it will work. Just have to be expounded, documented, and presented. Or maybe, build a new repo out of it ;) Make it a FLOSS, who knows what other ways it can be used out there in the wild.
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    Found a (minor [IMO]) bug.

    If the Buttons "enable" is unchecked, the buttons disappear. But when it's rechecked, the buttons shows up at the middle of the chat display. But after a reload, it goes back to its default.

    Also, is it correct that the Buttons module is not yet done? I mean, there are no options to move the buttons ^^ I only see the two checkboxes (show buttons; and show reminder).

    I am using r22.
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    Quote from snoowly

    first, i use prat since really long time and love it.
    now, i just tried prat3 and all seems ok but...
    maybe i miss something but i can choose module and load, dont load or disable but can't change nothing for each module, no parameters

    so, me chat frame dont change (buttons on left side are visible, chatbox for write is always at the bottom and cant change place, abreviate channel name are not, etc)

    i know it's alpha but what i am surprise is no option anywhere.

    thanks for your answer and good work

    have to reload the ui.

    Try /reloadui or re-log, after changing the module status. ^_^

    Hope that helps.
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    posted a message on Omen3
    Quote from glithramir
    Hmm.. I _need_ Fubar2Broker in order to use some Fubar-addons I use. Why not do like BigWigs and oRA2, Just ditch the Fubar support? ;)

    And ClosetGnome? :p

    Personally, even though I'm 90% LDB already, keep the FuBar support. Let the user choose - that's the spirit of Ace, freedom to choose which other/supporting addon you want to use/partner with it. ^_^

    But then again, with Broker2Fubar in existence, why keep the support? Lol, so conflicting. (I was actually surprised seeing my FuBar addons suddenly appearing in LDB :p like those you mentioned.)
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Quote from Skylinee
    I'm currently using Fubar2Broker for an addon, could that be the reason i can't change between sets? Tried disabling F2B though, and i still get the same problem.

    Not sure, but are you using r568?

    Try to disable Fubar2Broker then log back in. See if you can change between sets. If you can change, then it has to do with Fubar2Broker (edit: oops, I think you already did this :p so just try the next test phase) but

    If still doesn't, try to delete all CG savedvariables. After that, log-in without Fubar2Broker still and see if it works. If it works, then turn-on F2B, and see if it works still.

    If still nothing, we'll have to wait for the CG devs ^^
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Quote from Adelea
    Of the addons I listed only Omen shows in the 'All Categories' section. If I disable, then reenable it, it shows up on FuBar.

    The others remain totally missing.

    Omen lists the LibFuBarPlugin-3.0 in its toc, none of the others list it in either their toc or embeds.xml, though they do load libDataBrker-1-1. This makes me suspect this is the intended behaviour, and in order to get these addons on FuBar, Broker2Fubar is required - with the associated problems of it not actually working.

    With SBC, I can parent them to the FuBar frame, set their strata to High and manually position them, and it works almost as I want. Though the sweet spot for interacting with the icons seems very small.

    Earlier versions may work as I would like, but living in the past isnt really an option with 3.0 so close.

    Current version installed :

    Omen v78750
    oRA2 r619
    BigWigs r4760
    Bartender4 vg9d6bc2b
    Closetgnome r567
    Loggerhead r79124


    You are correct.

    I think I know what's happening. CG is looking for FuBarPlugin-2.0.

    Here's the changelog of r599

    r559 | rabbit | 2008-10-07 12:18:24 +0000 (Tue, 07 Oct 2008) | 1 line
    Changed paths:
    {I just deleted the paths from this quotation}
    Add a LDB UI, FuBar UI will now only load if LDB UI can't be created, and only if FuBarPlugin-2.0 is found in another addon.

    If Omen shows up and the others don't, then it means they are relying on FuBarPlugin-2.0 and not LibFuBarPlugin-3.0.

    Try to download FuBarPlugin-2.0 here: http://www.wowace.com/projects/fubarplugin-2-0/

    ^_^ Should work then. (Test first without Broker2Fubar and SBC. Then if it works, test with B2F and SBC on.)
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Quote from Adelea
    With neither Broker2Fubar or StatBlockCore loaded (I only use one of them, and SBC seems to be the one that I can get working sort of how I want it to), the CG menu doesnt appear on the FuBar - hence the reason I installed one then the other, and my request for native fubar support back =)

    And, with neither Broker2Fubar nor StatBlockCore loaded, none of the addons I use that have migrated to this method show up (Omen, oRA2, BigWigs, Bartender4, ClosetGnome, Loggerhead)

    Hmm, now that's weird, you mentioned Omen, my Omen shows up in my FuBar and LDB (I use Fortress as my LDB Display) (Omen to my understanding doesn't disable one or the other), if it doesn't show on yours, then there's something else that's going on.

    As a double check only, have you looked at FuBar's drop-down box to activate the said addon to FuBar, after you disabled Broker2FuBar and SBC? If you did, then there's something going on at your end.

    Let me try on my end and see if I can put CG on FuBar.

    Will reply back....
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Quote from Adelea
    Ive just installed r567, and after also installing broker2fubar, I have the CG showing on fubar.

    However, whilst I can create a new set by left-clicking, the list of sets do not show up. The tooltip suggests 'Use the menu (Right-Click) to equip' - but right clicking brings up the Broker2Fubar options screen.

    This led me to install StatBlockCore, which after some messing around sort of replicates the old functionality.

    Is this the go-forward approach, or can we have native fubar support back at some point ?

    Hmm... as far as I know, CG have native FuBar support. CG is simply prioritizing LDB over FuBar. If its LDB is loaded up, its FuBar won't. Since you have Broker2FuBar, CG's LDB support gets fired-up, thus it's native FuBar support doesn't load.

    Try to disable Broker2FuBar temporarily and see if CG will load its FuBar support. If it does, then the above explanation is correct then.

    The problem for you will be, how to tell CG to ignore Broker2FuBar so it loads its FuBar support instead. In this regard, it's the CG devs turn ;)
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    posted a message on The New Curse Client
    Quote from asmo69
    WAU was very cool. So far this CC crap sucks ass. BOO.

    Ok, found the threads explaining the situation.
    Still doesn't change the state of suckage.
    If you needed help so badly, you should have sent email to your user base concerning such a major turn of events for such a LOVED thing as WAU.
    Personally, I have better things to do than scour the forums of every online community I'm associated with, searching for pleas for help. (WAU is worth saving though!!!). Frankly, it was so useful, so awesome, the thought of it failing never occurred to me.

    I can, however, provide hosting that would cover your action. Granted a TB hit in one day is heavy, no doubt. But I can cover it. Free of charge if you're willing to consider resurrecting WAU.

    I'm sure you've had a ton of offers for hosting, mainly by people who are unqualified / ignorant of quality hosting, or who have mixed intentions.
    I assure you this offer is sincere and legitimate by a professional and experienced systems / network administrator with resources to spare, and who happens to love WoW and WAU.

    You're probably familiar with << removed >> already. If not, you should be. Quite simply, the best in the biz.
    << removed >>
    You'd have full autonomy (but not root).
    No interference and no bitching about the cost.
    VPS, PHP, MySQL, SSH & SVN (1000's of accounts if you need), multiple OC3's... and tons more, read up on it.
    I don't want to be actually involved in your forums or your site, either.
    No offense, I just have better things to do.
    I DO however, want WAU back, and would be glad to be a part of giving that (back) to the world, and am willing to host this indefinitely if that's an option.

    Contact me by email if willing. I probably won't check this thread again.

    As I've said here: http://forums.wowace.com/showthread.php?t=14404

    Q: What if I sponsor it all, can we put it back?
    A: Probably, but I doubt Kaelten will give any back-up of the old WoWAce. Secondly, I doubt there will be enough Add-On Devs who will go back to the old system. Third, you are only going to split the Community, and that is not very good at all IMO.
    I love WAU as much as you do, but the new system is better in the long-run, not just for end-users like you, not just to those who loves living in the bleeding edge like me, not just to the awesome lua programmers like them, but to everyone, even future members of the WoWAce Community.

    Granted, the old system was revived, how many devs will go back? They might even explicitly request that their add-ons be removed from the listing. I don't upload addons, or submit changes, but the more I know and read, the more I see how useful and better the new system is than the old. And I'm just talking about the 'tagging' system. I like it myself, I wish Curse will FLOSS it :p

    And speaking of FLOSS'ing it, any chance? Hehe... I like to have a copy of the source code of CurseForge.
    FLOSS = Free/Libre Open-Source Software
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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework
    Quote from sylvanaar
    I never used it. It is difficult to maintain. It never worked quite right. (One of those...)

    I agree. Hehe, I never used it myself. Blizzard doesn't want us messing with ordering lol (those channels are really a pain).

    Anyway, I know this have been asked several times in the past, but I left WoW after TBC launch and returned a year later (earlier this year), is it still possible to join a City-Channel even if you are outside?

    I remember it was possible before, dunno, suddenly it feels important to be in /2 always :p
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    posted a message on Omen3
    Quote from Xinhuan
    Omen3 comes with LDB *and* FuBarplugin support. So if you use something like FuBar and LDBtoFubar, you'll end up in trouble because you end up with 2 copies of Fubar plugin named the same and interfering.

    Same for using a LDB display type addon, and using FuBartoLDB.

    Yah, it has support for both and should be. But I don't use LDB2Fubar.

    I have LDB (Fortress) and FuBar, both as-is. With other Add-Ons, they give priority to either LDB or FuBar - won't load the other, if the other is loaded - default setting (unless the user specifically loads both).

    But what I noticed was, even if Omen is loaded in LDB, it still loads itself in FuBar (again, sometimes, as if it's a new install, ie. resets back itself to FuBar-attached to Minimap). So eventually, if that weird reset happens, I have to uncheck Omen from FuBar again.

    Though, it's trivial for me in terms of importance/priority :p Just want to mention it, might be something I do not know. ^_^
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    posted a message on Omen3

    I noticed something.. there are times when Omen keeps on loading itself in FuBar as "attached to minimap", with or without LDB. It's so random, sometimes it reloads as if it's a fresh install, sometimes it doesn't.

    With LDB, it gives priority to that setting (ie FuBar-attached to minimap).

    No error generated, and I'll mark it as 'trivial' ;)
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Quote from Rabbit
    The options and keybinding interface can be accessed in Esc -> Interface -> AddOns -> ClosetGnome (+children), and not through the menu any more.

    Simply clicking the LDB display with a left-click will create a new set. Shift+Clicking a set in the menu will edit it, and Ctrl+Clicking a set will delete it, and obviously, just clicking a set will equip it.

    The only plugin that has been converted so far is ClosetGnome_Banker. Switcher, Mount, and all the others have not been converted yet.

    Ahh, ok understood. It's much better that way ^_^ Thanks.

    Quote from Rabbit
    I've converted the following ClosetGnome modules so far:
    * Banker
    * Tooltip
    * Big Wigs

    Next on the agenda is: Switcher and Mount.

    If anyone wants to take a shot at it, please let me know, since I'll be busy converting some other addons as well.

    Oh lol, ClosetGnome_Mount is yours (silly me, I didn't check :p )

    I'll be glad to test Switcher and Mount (btw, you still haven't claimed Switcher) once its ready for testing ^_^
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