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    posted a message on Is there anyway to alter/remove Purple Circles from Minimap?
    I use the TrackCircle.tga attached to Doggabone's post here: http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=6065.msg101224#msg101224 to replace the one in Cartographer_Notes\Artwork. It's a transparent, rather than magenta, circle, so the effect is to "remove" the circles completely.

    Note that, every time you update Cartographer, you'll need to replace the file again.
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    Chiming in with (what I hope is) a clarification on Sporeling Snack: it is not a food. It is an item that, when right-clicked, will give a stamina+spirit buff to one's pet (my hunter and my warlock use it; I imagine it would work on my mage's elemental, but I haven't bothered to see if the buff persists between summonses). One cannot, in fact, eat it or directly feed it to one's pet. Also, one cannot apply it to other players' pets, nor does one need to target one's own pet to make it work. It has no effect on pet happiness.

    The confusion is understandable: it stacks in lots of 20, it is created by cooking (strange spores), right-clicking it invokes the "munch munch" sound effect ... heck, it's even called a "Snack"! I'm guessing that the scroll-like (versus petfood-like) functionality is because otherwise players would be complaining that none of the other buff foods have the desired effect on their pets.

    I plopped my Sporeling Snacks onto the same button I use for all my scroll and potion buffs. Left-clicking it on Autobar works as it always has: it buffs my pet.

    Just checked "right click targets pet" on r50013: a right-click on a food in Autobar requires a follow-up left-click on the food in Autobar to properly feed the pet. I have bandages set to "right click targets pet" as well; a single right-click on the bandage in Autobar does exactly what I expected, i.e., immediately channels bandaging on the pet.
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    Thank you for Baggins. Like so many others in this thread, I've been disappointed with other bag add-ons. Baggins is wonderful!

    This has been asked a couple of times, but I've not seen an answer yet: any suggestions on how to temporarily show just newly acquired items? When I hit town after a long grind, my Baggins are full of stuff to vendor (GarbageFu for the win!), random mats to send to alts or mules, gear to distribute, ores to smelt ... all neatly sorted into categories. The "New" overlay helps, but I think it'd be a bit more efficient to see all that "To-Do" stuff separately as one pelts from vendor to bank to mailbox to forge.

    I've only been using Baggins for a week or so, and already can't remember how I managed to limp through the game without it. Thanks again, from the bottom of my backpack.
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