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    posted a message on Grid - Hiding party interface out of raids (as in all the time)

    I have searched a bit, but could not find out how to hide the party interface in normal play, such as 5 man heroics or just questing, using Grid.

    I am using Pitbull as a stop-gap measure for now, but loading Pitbull just to hide the party interface seems overkill =|

    Anyone know of a way to hide the party interface? Maybe Grid can do it, and I'm just dumb =(

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    posted a message on RPHelper2 - automatically roleplay on certain events
    It seems that everytime the mod is supposed to output PTOP it spews out "itherOP". I got that from ANY.lua under RPHelper2/English.

    I know nothing about wow mods, but I'm guessing the release I'm using is r44834, since that is the latest entry in Changelog-RPHelper2-r44834.txt.

    For instance, when my hunter tells her pet to attack something, she will say "Show itherOP the meaning of pain, Fluffy!"
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