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    I've been using IceHUD as my preferred HUD option for a while now and find it quite awesome - so many thanks! :)

    I was re-configuring it last night to change the positions of the icons (leader, master looter, etc.) and was wondering if there was any particular reason that the maximum x-axis value (this being 250) would only allow for icons to be placed in the 'middle' area of the HUD.

    I increased the max value (apparently a value of 330 is what I was after for the placement of the icons) to 500 to resolve my particular dilemma, however I'm not fond of having to hack up people's mods, and so I was wondering if you'd considering increasing the maximum x-axis value to something larger.
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    Quote from Bolifiko »

    Does the custom group feature work for guild bank tabs?

    I found that replacing if core.is_valid_bag(bag) with if core.is_valid_bag(bag) or core.is_guild_bank_bag(bag) in the config.lua allowed you to create custom guild bank groups. Hope this helps! :)
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    What I've noticed from using the Instance Maps is that I can select any of them bar Shadow Labs and they'll work. As soon as I select Shadow Labs everything else stops working. Anyone else noticed this?
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