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    posted a message on Changing AceConsole's Print
    In AceConsole-3.0 there is a local function Print which puts out a nice colorized addon name in front on the message you are printing. Very nice.

    But. I want to tweak it.

    Since it is a local function in AceConsole, I don't think I can just put a local function of the same name in my addon. Also because it is local, it feels like hooking won't work - especially since I want to replace it, not call before or after?

    For now I've just also taken the AceConsole:Print and AceConsole:Printf methods into my addon and now my local version of print itself works but it feels like I'm missing something?

    If you could enlighten me that would be great. Thanks again helping this newb dust off his programming brain!
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    posted a message on Sample addon to use AceConfig and AceDB
    I built this simple sample addon to help me understand how to get off the ground using AceConfig and AceDB to let me setup configuration options and save them and get them into the standard interface/addon options screen.

    I wanted to share in case others were struggling as well. I found the getting started guide difficult to grok at times with my limited knowledge of the interactions and patterns of the framework.

    Available @ https://github.com/ChrisNolan/TestAddonAceConfig

    If you have a moment to let me know if I've gotten anything wrong feedback would be welcome.
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    posted a message on Embedding libs in AceAddOn maximum?
    How's your re-write of it coming along? Is it available?

    I was just trying to use the original along with AceConfigDialog and couldn't seem to connect the two? LibAboutPanel requires the parent as a frame object, but the frame doesn't seem to get named specifically by AceConfigDialog from what /fstack is telling me.
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