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    posted a message on Doodlepad
    A few weeks have passed, and 50 revisions or so have been made.
    It's starting to look like a nifty addon now!

    New features include:
    • Custom colors for all elements
    • Polygon support (rectangles and circles for now)
    • New interface with buttons for tablet users
    • A spiffy storyboard for managing your saved doodles
    • Permission settings for receiving or collaborating on doodles
    • Instance map overlays instead of just a white background
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    posted a message on Doodlepad
    Since there's been no complaints or tickets, I'll assume that the latest version (r38) works properly - bumping it to release then ^^
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    posted a message on Bugged texture size in 4.0.3
    How can it be working as expected, when Frame, Texture etc are sub-types of Region? Shouldn't the functions provide the same information then?

    Why does frame:GetSize and texture:GetSize yield different results if the sizes are identical and the function inherited from the same parent type?

    The functions didn't behave like this prior to 4.0 and I haven't seen any documentation that they should've changed in any way.

    As it stands, frames default to their visual size while textures now default to the native image size instead.
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    posted a message on Bugged texture size in 4.0.3
    Bug or not, it's clearly an inconsistency in the API.
    If I set a texture's size by using SetSize(100,100), the texture will be 100x100 and report 100x100.
    If I set it using SetPoint in such a way that it's 100x100, the texture will be 100x100, but report 512x256 or whatever the native size is.

    Thus, GetSize, GetWidth and GetHeight report different sizes depending on what commands I used to set the size of the texture, with no apparent regard to the actual size of the texture object on the screen.

    In other words, I now have to check all anchor points in order to get the true size of the texture object instead of the size of the image being used. If I use GetSize or the likes, the result depends on, not whether a texture file has been set, but whether it has been rendered, which is just silly.
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    posted a message on Bugged texture size in 4.0.3
    I'm posting this here instead of on the blizzard cataclysm forum, as their log-on system is bugged and won't allow me in.

    In 4.0.3, and quite possibly since 4.0.1, the new dynamic management of textures has introduced a new oddity when it comes to retrieving the width and height of a texture element. The object functions GetSize, GetWidth and GetHeight now depend on:
    1. Whether the texture has been loaded and rendered fully by WoW
    2. Whether any width or height has been set on the texture

    To elaborate a bit on it, here are two examples with different outputs:

    -- Set size before setting texture file
    image = UIParent:CreateTexture("ARTWORK");
    image:SetAllPoints(UIParent) -- This will blow the image up to fill the screen
    print(image:GetSize()) -- Will always print 1365x768
    print(image:GetSize()) -- Will print either 1365x768 or 512x256, it varies...
    -- Set texture before setting size
    image = UIParent:CreateTexture("ARTWORK");
    image:SetAllPoints(UIParent) -- This will blow the image up to fill the screen
    print(image:GetSize()) -- Will print 512x256
    print(image:GetSize()) -- Will print 1365x768

    The example above illustrates, that if no width or height is forced upon a texture, the functions, GetSize, GetWidth and GetHeight, will all return the native image size of the texture being used, unless the image has not been rendered yet, in which case it will report the size of the texture container object. Using SetPoint("TOPLEFT") and SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT") or the likes will produce a similar output.

    image = UIParent:CreateTexture()
    print(image:GetSize()) -- 512x256
    print(image:GetSize()) -- 200x100
    print(image:GetSize()) -- 512x256

    This example shows, that if you set an absolute size of the texture, it will report the size of the container both before and after the image has rendered.

    To sum up:
    • Textures that have been sized using anchors instead of absolute values, will report the native size of the image being used.
    • Textures that have been sized using absolute width/height will report the size of the texture container instead of the native image, unless either width or height is 0. If either width or height is set to 0, it will default back to the native image size instead.
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    posted a message on Pocket Gnome
    Pocket Gnome is a...well, sort of useless addon for most people, but it was requested and I was bored and...my dog ate my homework!

    It's your basic calculator with as little fuss as possible. You enter your stuff and it outputs a result and then you can enter more stuff and so on.

    Project site is here: http://www.wowace.com/addons/pocket-gnome/
    And it looks like this:

    Basically, it's a continuation of sorts of the old GnomeCruncher addon that was abandoned eons ago (and thus doesn't work with cataclysm), but with some added stuff like more extensive math functions and recursive calculations (you know, the stuff where you mash enter as many times as possible to get the result to keep multiplying or whatever).

    The math is snagged from LibSpreadsheet-1.0, so the math stuff works just like it would in any excel application, fx:
    log(1234,7) <- the base-7 logarithm of 1234 instead of the default base-10.
    round(123.45, 60) <- rounds 123.45 to the nearest multiple of 60 (120)
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    posted a message on Doodlepad
    New options, behold!
    Permissions are now split into two categories; receiving doodles and doodle collaboration. It _should_ work, but as I'm only moi, I'll need a bit of feedback from people.
    And also some bug fixes and so on.
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    posted a message on Doodlepad
    So, I merged the Cataclysm and WotlK branch for good now, seeing as 4.0.1 is upon us pretty soon. Also, players can now (re)name their doodles via the storyboard - just right click a doodle and select "Rename doodle".
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    posted a message on Doodlepad
    So, copy'pasta from the project site:

    Cataclysm branch of Doodlepad

    The Cataclysm branch is the development branch of Doodlepad, and is compatible with WotLK as well, however it will not play nice with the old Doodlepad branch. If you want to use the cata branch, you can only communicate properly with other Doodlepad users using the cataclysm branch.
    Also note that fullscreen doodling is not available in the cataclysm branch.
    Doodling in cata branch

    Type /doodlepad [target] to open a doodlepad.

    • Use the left mouse button to doodle and the mouse wheel to change pen color.
    • Use Control + left click to place a target icon
    • Use Control + mouse wheel to switch target icon
    • Doubleclick on a position to insert a line of text
    • Use right click to undo your last stroke, icon or text.
    • Use shift + right click to wipe the pad.

    All your doodles get saved in the storyboard for any later use you might have for them
    type /storyboard to bring up the storyboard.
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    posted a message on Doodlepad
    This reply is in relation to the Cataclysm branch of Doodlepad - I'm not gonna update the WotLK branch much.

    Quote from Dridzt

    Single-level undo:
    Just the last line or mark drawn, no multi-level undo or fancy buffers.
    Shift being a typical modifier for 'all' in WoW I'd find
    - right-click = undo last,
    - shift-right-click = clear (what is presently on plain right-click) intuitive.

    A single Right Click now removes the last icon/doodle-stroke you made.
    Doodlepad is built in a way that enables you to traverse all the way back to ground zero if you like, undoing as many strokes as there is.

    Shift + Right click wipes the pad clean...or, almost:
    Undoing and wiping will only be allowed for the segment of the doodle that you made yourself. Thus, if you're collaborating with someone on a doodle (fx. raid leader and an assistant making a doodle for the raid), you can't start messing with their part of the doodle, only the stuff you've contributed yourself.

    Quote from Dridzt

    Pen color: (sample code below)
    Shift-click to show a colorbutton with current color.
    Click on colorbutton to open colorpicker.

    I'm not going to introduce a color picker at this moment, as I feel it goes against the simplicity of Doodlepad if I start introducing all sorts of buttons and menus. However, I have updated the color selection method a bit.
    The pen now has a marker with its current color at your cursor position, so you can see what color you're working with, and scrolling the mouse wheel up or down changes the pen color, replacing the old shift + click method as that wasn't the most intuitive way to handle it.
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    posted a message on Doodlepad
    Quote from Dridzt

    Oh, addon needs a .toc rename or it won't load (Doodle.toc -> Doodlepad.toc).
    Trivial but some users will have problems with it.

    I can get ctrl+click to work for marks, right-click to clear, double-right to exit drawing mode
    for some reason left and shift-left do nothing on Cataclysm beta with r17.

    Blame Torhal for the TOC mishap!! :p
    And the left click doing nothing...you can blame on Torhal too!
    It's fixed in r19 and should work with both cata and wotlk.

    and ye, the whole save and accept from/collaborate stuff is in the works too :)

    Quote from Dridzt

    The beta is not exactly stable but I got a few d/c while testing send functionality by doing "Doodlepad myname".
    Might it be an idea to use AceComm-3.0 (+AceSerializer-3.0?) or at least ChatThrottleLib to handle the comms part? (just to be safe).

    I try and I try, but I can't get Doodlepad to disconnect me :\
    Unless you're really trying hard, it shouldn't output more than max 1 line per second to the addon channel, though I might have a feeling that if you just click multiple times without drawing, it might throw you off - I'll have to remind the doodlepad not to send blank messages.

    Quote from Dridzt

    Noobie question of the hour:
    Can I enter drawing mode again for the open doodlepad after I double-right-click out of it?

    Not right now, but perhaps that's something to implement :)
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    posted a message on Doodlepad
    Doodlepad is a small addon for doodling stuff, whether it be fight strategies, video commentary or just pure boredom.

    You can doodle by yourself, or you can share your doodles in real time with your raid, guild, party or that someone special.

    Doodlepad project site: http://www.wowace.com/addons/doodlepad/
    Some screenshots:

    Before I mosey on, I'd just like to explain how Doodlepad differs from the other doodle/whiteboard addons that have existed:

    * It works in both WotLK and Cataclysm!
    * It's small in both size (12.5kb) and in-game footprint compared to the other bloated doodle addons.
    * It is somewhat intelligent in compressing doodle data, thus it doesn't draw them pixel-by-pixel - the above image is about 1kb in size.
    * It doesn't use a ton of buttons or commands to change your draw style, but rather mouse gestures and modifier keys, so it's fast and intuitive.

    I'm currently working on an option to change the background to the various instance maps in Cataclysm, so people can draw on top of those as well.
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    posted a message on LibMouseGestures-1.0
    I'ma just paste the description from the mod site:

    LibMouseGestures is a library for tracking and using mouse gestures through a transparent overlay frame. LibMouseGestures can be used for a lot of things, including:
    • Capturing gestures from a frame (lines in any direction or circular movements)
    • Capturing gestures without locking player movement
    • Selecting a range on the screen (think unit selection in Warcraft 1/2/3, StarCraft or C&C)
    • Drawing on a frame
    • Marking boundaries using the mouse

    Project is here: http://www.wowace.com/addons/libmousegestures-1-0/
    API doc is here: http://www.wowace.com/addons/libmousegestures-1-0/pages/lib-mouse-gestures-1-0-api/

    If you want to try out how LibMouseGestures work, you can download the library as a stand-alone addon and use /mgtest to capture a single mouse gesture and have the results displayed to you.

    So liek...discuss and stuff.
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    posted a message on Grapple [Official thread and all that jazz]
    So....closing up on revision 50 now, how time does fly.

    Some new stuff:
    More features, less bugs, yay!

    • Optional synchronization of scores and deaths
    • Battleground reporting
    • Fumblescores! (see the wiki)
    • Options to enable/disable Grapple in raids, 5-man groups and solo combat
    • "Server-side" synchronization of log condensing

    I hope to make the big fifty a release version, so if anyone cares to test out r49, I'd love some feedback.

    Regarding the sync process, the upload/download footprint of the syncing is as follows:
    • 5-man PuG: 3-4 bps
    • 25 man raid: 15-25 bps
    • 40 man battleground: 25-45 bps
    Whether it's in the low or high range depends on whether you have enabled death syncing or not.
    There's also the option to only allow raid leaders and assistants to sync your data, so you won't get spammed or receive false info from people trying to hack the syncs.

    EDIT: Changed the data rates to reflect the upcoming r55 which uses base 36 numbers instead of base 16.
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    posted a message on Grapple [Official thread and all that jazz]
    Yeah, I know, Xin, it's just us developers being old-fashioned and adhering to silly adscitious rules. I'm gonna keep the library paths as they are though, as people don't seem to get the whole "reload your friggin game" point when they update add-ons with new files in them (and I'm getting tired of explaining that to them).

    I do have some suggestions for libGraph though, and I'll post them on wowace as soon as I get back to a machine with a working copy of WoW.
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