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    posted a message on WoW UI Updater (Win/OSX/Linux, supports multiple sites), 1.6 thread
    Amazing program, well done in many many respects.
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    posted a message on wowace trailing /'s
    Seems like a few addons have goofy pathing issues with \/ added to the directory name itself.

    unzip -o AddOnsZips/AutoAcceptInvite.zip -d AddOns
    Archive: AddOnsZips/AutoAcceptInvite.zip
     extracting: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Changelog-AutoAcceptInvite-r41138.txt 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/AutoAcceptInvite.toc 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/AutoAcceptInvite.lua 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/CHANGELOG.txt 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs\AceDB-2.0/AceDB-2.0.lua 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs\AceDB-2.0/AceDB-2.0.toc 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs\AceEvent-2.0/AceEvent-2.0.lua 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs\AceEvent-2.0/AceEvent-2.0.toc 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs\AceConsole-2.0/AceConsole-2.0.toc 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs\AceConsole-2.0/AceConsole-2.0.lua 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs/AceLibrary/AceLibrary.lua 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs/AceLibrary/AceLibrary.toc 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs\AceAddon-2.0/AceAddon-2.0.toc 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs\AceAddon-2.0/AceAddon-2.0.lua 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs\AceOO-2.0/AceOO-2.0.toc 
     inflating: AddOns/AutoAcceptInvite/Libs\AceOO-2.0/AceOO-2.0.lua 

    This will produce five problematic directories named: Libs\AceConsole-2.0, Libs\AceEvent-2.0, Libs\AceAddon-2.0, Libs\AceDB-2.0, Libs\AceOO-2.0 where the \ is actually part of the name of the directory.
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    posted a message on perl script updateing addons from /files/
    A little boost to be had and friendly behavior to wowace.com to replace getstore(); with mirror();

    getstore($url, $file) Gets a document identified by a URL and stores it in the file. The return value is the HTTP response code.

    mirror($url, $file) Get and store a document identified by a URL, using If-modified-since, and checking the Content-Length. Returns the HTTP response code.

    I have a Storable version if someone wants.
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Possible Player Party Pet Problem / Perplexion
    For what its worth to follow up, when I use eye of kilrogg at all or summon a new pet in combat the frame disappears. The frame goes grey when the pet becomes incapacitated such as by a warstomp or a thunderclap.

    They frame will go red when they gain aggro after the incapacitation, but goes back to grey again when they loose it.

    Both can be cleared up by mounting for a second and unmounting or summoning a pet out of combat.
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Possible Player Party Pet Problem / Perplexion
    first awesome addon, the endless tweaking is just great.

    I like to have my player frame in the party frame and not enable the player or player pet frames (i am nearly always grouped).

    I also have partypets module enabled. Sometimes pitbull looses my player's party pet frame, othertimes it has the petframe 'grey' health (usually when it trades aggro with another unit it seems, but its hard to track).

    To trouble shoot this i have tried with a fresh install of the savedvariables (uninstalled with wowaceupdater and then pruned unused savedvariables) and just clicked the needed options and it will occur somewhat quickly.

    if I have the player pet module active as a backup it does not disappear or go grey, both of them side by side etc.

    i am somewhat perplexed if there is a 'show player in party' and corresponding 'hide player in party' method. As when I solo I would like to not have to enable the player module.
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    posted a message on Chinchilla - Minimap addon of awesomeness.
    Very nice, the radius and icon changes were unexpected cool.
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    posted a message on InfiniBar-2.0 - Official Thread
    Great job, my new action bar.
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    posted a message on Overall Item Value
    I could easily sum the total ivalue of all player unit equiped items into a number for fubar to display for vanity, like a durability summary.

    The one thing that escapes me, for purism, would be assessing the ivalue of the gems and enchants. Not sure any of the tooltip ivalue programs do this actually.

    Snug that number into a tooltip for inspecting peoples would be extra work.
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    posted a message on Spells for Videos
    I have some good friends that are going to start playing WoW. I found that I would like to author some quick video on youtube for them for a few things.

    So I am looking for an addon the displays the spell you just casted on
    the screen? sort of like a subtitle or what not? Or perhaps a /bigtxt <message here> for macro.

    I know people annotate their videos, but it would be nice to have
    something that did it nearly automatically. So in big letters "CORRUPTION" when i press "2", "PETATTACK" when press "CTRL-1", etc.

    I guess SCT could be used and I could hijack a channel and position it somewhere in open screen area.
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    posted a message on Autobar (Toadkiller)
    Agreed, its a great addon. Mounting, dismounting, chugging pots, etc. All so easy to do.
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    posted a message on Addon for trinkets?
    SCT_SpellReady does this, just tell it the name of the trinket as a spell. So when a spell that has a cooldowncount of 3,2,1 .. it will say "<ready> Bladefist's Breadth" or whatever.
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    posted a message on Fubar_CorkFu update?
    And that keybinding (or rather macro is?)

    /click CorkFuFrame
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