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    posted a message on BadBoy: An extremely minimal spam blocker & reporter
    when copy it it looks like this:

    [18:36:03]2 [Nopqrgdefghx]: +--------------------------+
    [18:36:03]2 [Nopqrgdefghx]: ¦Fast deliver +---------+The cheapest ¦
    [18:36:03]2 [Nopqrgdefghx]: <>
    [18:36:03]2 [Nopqrgdefghx]: ¦lOO% security +---------+ 24/7 suppert ¦
    [18:36:03]2 [Nopqrgdefghx]: +--------------------------+

    also this being spammed:
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    posted a message on IceHUD
    I just love IceHUD but i don't like the texture. any chance you could add some more?
    lots of nice textures here: http://www.wowace.com/files/Surfaces/ I just found out how to change them to blp but that wasn't enough >.< i just got 2 big squares on each side. xD or if anyone could change the "water.tga" in surfaces so it fits for me.

    anyway.. love the HUD

    my UI at the moment :P

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