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    I'm testing r1340 on the 4.0.1 PTR (just the base addon, no additional plugins)

    GridStatusAuras is failing to scan any buffs or debuffs due to the auto-detection of the abolish spells (Disease and Curse). Both of these are gone in 4.0 + (and from what I've read unlikely to return).

    Because the GetSpellInfo calls to those two spells fails, the BS table isn't set up properly, which cascades into abolish_types and setting up the options. The net effect is that no auras are detected, so you end up with a Grid that knows about things like health, mana and death status but nothing else.

    I commented out all references to the abolish detection and buffs and debuffs are now showing correctly.

    Given the estimates of the 4.0.1 patch hitting in 2-9 days, I'm not sure it is worth scanning for Abolish based on the version of the game. Personally I'd just ditch them and tell anyone who chooses to run this on 3.3.5 that they're testing a pre-4.0 version.

    A patch to remove the offending bits is at


    If you wish to save a few minutes.

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