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    Quote from winarski80
    How would i go about using raid frams all the time no party just raid?

    Assuming this poster means they'd like an option to view raid frames in parties as well as raids, I'd also be interested in that.

    Additionally, a small bug I think:
    When sorting by class, and deselecting checkboxes from the "groups" column (not the classes) the frames will still remove the corresponding class rather than group. Personally, I like to have my raids sorted by class, and then only showing groups 1-5, which doesn't seem possible given the current implementation (I know, seems like since the buff changes it makes much more sense to sort by group, but I'm stuck in my habits!)

    Another question/request, would it be/is it possible to track both my earth shield, and ones casted by other shamans? Ideally, I think this could be done in an update to the "custom highlight" section (i.e., allowing the specifying of a given highlight color for a specific buff, and allowing to determine whether "casted by me" or not). I feel like this functionality might already be there though, and that I'm just futzing it up. If so, I'd really appreciate a pointer in the right direction!

    Anyway, been using Xperl for a few years now. Really appreciate the great, long-lasting addon!
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    Decided to give this a whirl, just because I need some party targets! Tried pitbull, and I find the few bugs I found in the menu system relatively annoying and the overall mod far too heavy for my taste.

    I see you're not doing dogtags, are you planning to allow users to do custom coloring of text at some point? One thing I've always done was had the text of my targets name be colored for hostility, so I didn't have to have the full health bar do that. I don't think I can do that with a simple text:SetColor, but I'm a novice at lua.

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