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    posted a message on Constant requirement to prove I am human

    I'm hoping this is just an annoying and temporary side affect of transferring to Overwatch.


    Glad this isn't just me having the issue.


    Sad that someone else has to suffer through it also.


    Fingers crossed....

    I didn't have to do the proof routine just now when I hit refresh on the page.

    The page was up and idle for over 9 hours while I was out today.

    Surprisingly, I didn't have to jump through hoops this time.

    For the last couple of days 30 minutes was all it took to cause a validation.

    Maybe they fixed it.

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    posted a message on Constant requirement to prove I am human

    Why do I keep getting required by cloudflare to prove I am a human?

    Seriously...It keeps asking me even when I have not closed the browser.

    Just started this afternoon.


    I prove it. (VERY tired of looking at trains, boats and motorcycles....)

    I get access then boom I come back to the Curse tab and I have to do it all again.

    And, yes, I do have Norton 360 so AV should not be a problem.

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    posted a message on FuBar 3.0
    Ya I did see your name on the FuBar page Arrowmaster.
    Kind of a shame it's there too.
    You hate the mod so much you talk like a little boy who just learned how to swear.
    I hope you thoroughly impressed yourself because you're the only person who was.

    If it's such a hassle for you to maintain FuBar and Cartographer2 why doesn't your name get removed then? Why not let someone who DOES care about mods take them over?

    J-random comments in a thread most people don't even know about is not a good way to let people know the status of anything....period.

    How about this....
    If these mods REALLY ARE dead why don't you, or better yet, someone civil, put a message in those mod descriptions saying they are dead and why?
    Sure, people will whine anyway, but at least it's an official announcement. Why make everyone shuffle around in limbo wondering what's up and when things will get fixed?
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    Bazooka works well now.
    Thanks for fixing that nasty bug Mitch0 - great job and quickly too.
    I have not been able to bug it out again!

    The only important thing missing in Bazooka that I use in FuBar is the ability to attach a plugin onto the minimap. Not sure how easy that is to implement.

    I still have some plugins that don't work with fubar2broker and/or the broker version isn't as functional. Or isn't available at all. Hopefully I can get this situation solved in the near future.

    Thanks guys (and gals of course) for all your hard work keeping so many addons running.
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    posted a message on FuBar 3.0
    Quote from Arrowmaster

    FuBar is dead.

    Why be rude? :confused:

    Saying nobody cares is obviously an incorrect statement since people are still posting issues here.

    Quote from CodeRedLin
    Ask yourself what you get out of FuBar.

    I have asked myself that question.
    I also gave myself answers and started replacement searching.
    So far all the LDB bars I have tried fall short. I have not tried them all ~yet~. That is still an ongoing process. If I find one that fully replaces FuBar's functions I will post it here.

    TitanPanel came close but failed. I could not place the plugins left, center, and right as I pleased. Also didn't see a way to have it place the button on the minimap like I do with some of the plugins.

    Some of the LDB rewrites of the FuBar plugins are not as feature rich.
    Some of the FuBar plugins do not work with Fubar2Broker.

    This is not simply an easy as 1, 2, 3 move to something else.
    If it was "easy as pie" to move you can be assured that most people would have moved by now rather than put up with the issues at hand.
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