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    posted a message on Simple search \ filter for items in bags

    Literally all I want is what blizzard added in patch 4.3. A search function for the default bags. Why is every bag addon must be all in one and if you choose to not use their UI you also lose the search function on the bags?


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    posted a message on Prat 3.7.36 Classic question

    Is there a way to change the colors when somebody says something inside an angled brackets '<>' and the color for invite links to something else or just default color of the channel?

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    posted a message on Highlight chat addon


    I wanted to ask if there is an addon for classic wow that highlights a keyword with color or something without adding another line of text into the chat.

    I know MyChatAlert is a good addon, but it bugs me that it adds an additional line for my keywords. I want the keyword that I'm looking for to be colored rather than have a whole line for it because it's just adding to the chat spam.

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