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    posted a message on [Grid] Modules: Threat,RaidIcons,MTs / Indicators: Text3,SideIcons
    I made changes to GridIndicatorText3.lua so the two sections now read:

    local GridFrame = Grid:GetModule("GridFrame")


    GridIndicatorText3 = Grid:GetModule("GridStatus"):NewModule("GridIndicatorText3")

    and it still doesn't work. I've checked it three times, am I not seeing a mistake I made, or does "fixing" GridIndicatorText3 involve more than this? In previewing this message it looks like there's a space between the "a" and "t" in the last part, but that's some weird web thing, it doesn't exist in the lua file (attached as txt).

    I'm not trying to be lazy in asking for more assistance, I simply don't know lua (although it's on my "To Do" list) so I have no clue where to go from here - and I can't imagine Grid without this component. I wish they could/would bundle it into core Grid; it would save me the stress I experience every time they "break" Grid modules with code changes. :(

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    posted a message on [Grid] Modules: Threat,RaidIcons,MTs / Indicators: Text3,SideIcons
    Any chance of getting it updated to work with the newest version of Grid (not to be confused with Grid2)? The newest Grid breaks Indicators: Text3 and I am an info whore that likes to be able to see name/health deficit/incoming heals each on separate lines.

    I had to revert to older versions of Grid and other Grid components to keep using it.

    Thanks for a great addon!
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    posted a message on Broker Currency
    Would love to see you pick up some of the functionality of AuditorFu (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5429.html) if at all possible. I ***love*** that AuditorFu also lets me track how much I've made from things like quests or vendor items, how much I've paid in repairs, net profit after "expenses", gain per hour, etc. Screen shots provided by the author at the link above show the many details it provides.

    It's my last Fubar app - one that hasn't been updated in nearly a year, no less - and I would love to replace it if I could find a broker addon that offered the same feature set. I use it in conjuction with Broker Wallet atm.

    Thanks for your consideration of my feature request!
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    posted a message on Autobar (Toadkiller)
    I've also found it's not working. The regular version seems to show everything, but selecting items does not cause anything to happen (no error messages). I tried the alpha software, and that only showed one bar for fishing items, and even that single bar did not work.

    Autobar is my favorite add-on, and I'm hoping you can fix it quickly! Thanks for the great work that you do. :)
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