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    posted a message on Image did not match the required aspect ratio.

    Yup, that was it, thanks.

    8 addons and it's the first time this has been an issue.

    I can understand if there's a plan to use the image/logo somewhere and you want them all to be the same look.


    That said, if you're going to change it, maybe inform the user on what exactly is wrong rather than some vague error.

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    posted a message on Image did not match the required aspect ratio.

    I'm trying to publish a new addon, but it got rejected for not having an image/logo because the first one I tried was too small and I didn't notice.
    So I tried some bigger images, and now I'm just getting following error:

    Image did not match the required aspect ratio.


    Now I've uploaded a bunch of addons in the past, one just a month ago, and I've never ran into this problem before.

    And it's not like the error is giving me any useful information to go by.

    I've sent a message to the person that set the addon the require changes to be approved, but I haven't had a message back.

    At least, I think I sent a message, because apparently there's nowhere on this site to verify this.
    Apparently sent messages are in the inbox


    I've tried different images like 724x661, 689x574, and 411x450, but none of those worked, and I can't say I'm interested in playing a guessing game.



    I decided to try an recreate the project assuming maybe the project was bugged.

    Deleted the old project and when trying to recreate it, it said "A project with that name already exists".
    Renamed my "deleted" project to IDeletedThisButItsStillHere and managed to recreate the project with the same name.
    It's still complaining about aspect ratio.

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    posted a message on Localization by the players and 'needs review'

    First off I want to point out this is the first time I use curse's localization for one of my addons, so a lot of my confusion might come from misunderstanding.

    I have no designated translators as I pretty much work on this project on my own, so I wanted to let the players help with translating.


    Now the issue I ran in to is that players can approve their changes on their own.


    1. Someone can start translating and just approves everything, no matter what they type, also meaning I can't always tell which ones are new translations
    2. If a translation is approved and someone else changes it (either better or ill-willed), they can approve it themselves and no one knows it's changed.

    What would make more sense to me is that any change to a translation would require a review, unless of course the person translating is a member of the addon (In this case myself).

    This way:

    1. Someone translates something, it requires a review.
    2. I go through and approve the ones that seem correct.
    3. Someone changes a translation to make it better or for griefing, it requires a new review.
    4. I can see which ones are changed and can re-approve or restore

     So my main question is if I'm missing some settings somewhere, or if this is an oversight of enabling localization without 'require permissions'.

    If I required permissions this wouldn't be an issue, but at the same time players wouldn't be able to help out.

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