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    posted a message on All of fabric 5 mod pack crashes without crash report.

    So I've had this issue pop up for a while now where my game will be fine for the first hour to 2 hours before it starts to experience lag issues before completely freezing up. After crashing it doesn't give me any sort of crash report like nothing ever happened. there was one time it did crash with a report in the game saying that there was no memory but that's only happened once. I've tried everything from uninstalling/reinstalling, Repair installation and changing my game settings to have less graphical quality, nothing seems to have changed the issue. I just tried to launch my game as of right now and it was raining when It loaded in. it was fine for about a minute before lagging and crashing again. Every time I load a new launcher from Curseforge it tells me there's another instance already in the background even though the game is no where to be found in my shortcuts.


    any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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