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     you are right, that is why i was thinking to the point that who sets the markers the positions are saved so the raid leader has the control of where they will be placed this keeps the group of markers set unique to the raid leader.
    It would be my guess that the specific area has a type of grid so when you go into the room everything is in the same place every time. When the raid leader sets the markers and saves it as a group for that boss it remembers the location of each marker and when he is there again all they would need to do is execute the specific group and the markers would be placed in the same place again. I would have to check again but I thought there were coords shown where you have your mouse and for the target you are trying to go to, use something like this that would save the coords of the marker you set... just a thought.
    this would keep from having only one place to set markers for everyone and give the raid leader the ability to set them where they want.
    so I am far from a programmer but my thought would be the raid leader would be able to save where he placed their markers and be able to use the save to place them all the next time with one click. and attach the saves to the different bosses so there can be different marker saves the raid leader would use for each boss fight.
    sorry if i was repeating myself, I am tired :/
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    This did not seem to be in the can not do list. It is not to target, change, modify anything. It is just a simple way to let the raid leader have the marks pre configured to where they want to place them. This is more to save time as they could do this one at a time but it would be nice to just be at the boss and hit a button and the marks are set where the raid leader wants them and can spend more time on other segments of the fight.

    boss1 = raid leader uses 2 markers - hits the key and they are set with the colors wanted

    boss2 = raid leader uses no markers

    boss7= raid leader uses 6 markers - hits key and they are set with the colors wanted


    have this set only for markers that can be placed on the ground as they are used more for reference to mechanics that are to be done and have no other value.


    might consider that the raid leader first set the markers where he wants and then can save the positions to a file and name it so when it is there again he can just click the file and sets the markers to the same color and location.

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    It would be good to see this back as information and examples cannot be found anywhere else.

    If this will never be reconsidered please put all the examples and shared strings together for a download so people can continue to have a reference when changing toons, spec's or need a good refresher.


    thank you.

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