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    Blizzard has *slightly implied* (emphasis here) that they do not own our code simply by *asking* Iriel, Tem, Esamynn and the other contributors if their code could be included in the game ("Included with permission from:") instead of just including it without asking as they could certainly do if they owned our code.

    PS: Norganna's AddOns (Auctioneer, Gatherer, et al) have *always* been GPL'ed :).
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    Quote from ckknight »

    honestly, I wish Blizzard would allow dynamic loading of files with loadfile() or something. It wouldn't even be a big issue as long as you only use files that existed at the start (which is how it'd be anyway). Also dynamic loading of SVs would be very nice as well.


    The problem here is that it becomes trivially easy to make an AddOn whose only purpose is to feed data into WoW. Create an AddOn, have a gazillion empty files in it and have an outside program write to these files sequentially, and then have the AddOn load the files according to a schedule, or even settings in the files themselves. And before you mention it, yes it is currently possible to do this with AddOns instead of files, but its a lot harder to do.
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