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     ah, sorry, i meant what are your favorite mods within those categories! like for example, i can't live without jei and mouse tweaks for qol mods. And i love electrobob's wizardry for magic mods. (sorry i should've clarified exactly what i meant!)

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    Hey there! I'm looking to create my own modpack (obviously), and I'd like some feedback from the community about which mods seem to be good. I'd like to try out some underrated mods or see which mods work best together. This will be a learning experience for me!


    So, what are your favorite mods within these categories:

    QOL mods? (Such as mouse tweaks and jei)

    Biome/structure mods? (biomes o' plenty, etc)

    Building mods? (chisel, etc.)

    Tech mods? (thermal dynamics, etc.)

    Magic mods? (electroblob's wizardry, botania)

    Mob mods? (mowzie's mobs, ice and fire)

    Underrated mods? (less popular or brand new mods)

    Other mods? ('Other' meaning anything that doesn't fit into the categories above!)


    Also, which mods do you think work best together? Which mod combos do you prefer to see in packs? 


    Thank you for your feedback <3


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