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    [FONT="Verdana"]I am curious if it is currently possible to make the health percentage animate
    nice and smooth like the health bars do. Instead of having the percent jump
    from 98% to 72%, have a nice smooth change where the digits count down
    from 98 to 72 smoothly [faster or slower depending on how big the difference

    Is this something that would need to actually be implemented inside of PB4's
    core, or could this be achieved through some code that could be placed inside
    of the custom field of the Lua health?[/FONT]
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    posted a message on kgPanels Offical Thread
    Hey people.

    Had a few questions about kgPanels and some lua in general.

    Question 1 --
    I found above...
    Quote from TomDeBaere
    Still one question remains. Making panels fade in and out when they appear... how?

    Question 2 --
    Is it possible to have a panel hidden until you mouse over it making it fade in?

    Question 3 --
    I have multiple profiles in Grid that I like to switch between via the /slash commands. Would it be possible to make a button using kgPanels to cycle through these profiles [left mouse button moving forward in the list / right mouse button moving backward in the list]?

    If the answer to question 3 is 'no' then would it be possible to achieve this using a custom .lua file?

    Thank you in advance.
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    I do have another question. My UI is using 'darker' greens, yellows, and reds. By default...
    local cur, max = HP(unit), MaxHP(unit)
    local r, g, b = HPColor(cur, max)
    return " |cff%02x%02x%02x%s|r", r, g, b, cur

    ...gives bright colors. I am fairly new at this and was not quite understanding the %02x place holder. Wondering where I would insert any custom hex RGB codes? Thank you again. :)

    Solved with:
    return " |cff%02x%02x%02x%s|r", r/2, g/2, b/2, cur

    The /2 halving the current RGB colors.
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    Thank you. I did in fact see that last night but I wasn't sure if I should just paste the code in there like that. :)
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    Quote from cremor
    Isn't that the default behaviour of the HP bars if class color is disabled?

    Sorry I should have been more clear. I meant the numbers....the actual digits themselves, not the bar.
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    Hey people. Is it possible to have the unit's health colored by percentages?

    100% = Green
    50% = Yellow
    0% = Red

    And if I can do that. Will it fade smoothly from Green -> Yellow -> Red, or will it make sharp jumps from color to color?

    Thanks in advance!
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