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    I'm hoping someone can help me.  My WoW addon is using Ace3 to save data using user-specific profiles, but I'd like to be able to export/import the profile information to allow sharing of configuration data or to copy profiles from one alt to another.  I'm told that Aceserializer can do this, but I can't seem to find any information on how to do this.


    I'm wanting to export everything under the "Profiles" section of the WTF file for the current user ("Server - Character") to a string, and then use that import the information to another account/character.  Can anyone provide me with instructions on how to do this, or provide some assistance?  I'm grateful for any help I can get.



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    I'm just looking for opinions. here.  My addon is designed to be universal, meaning that it works with all versions of Retail and Classic WoW.  The addon determines the client, and only displays content appropriate to that client.  Since my addon contains raid/boss information, it will be fairly common for updates that will only affect Retail.  In these cases, Classic users won't notice any changes, since the addon doesn't show Retail information to them.  Okay, here's my question:


    What are your thoughts about updates?  Should I push "retail only" updates to all three clients, just to keep the version numbers consistent, or should I push those updates only to retail, meaning that Classic users will skip versions or think that they're no longer getting updates?  I like the idea of someone being able to simply copy/paste the addon folder to any other version, and it would just work (although, thanks to CurseForge not understanding multi-version .toc files, that isn't entirely true), but I don't want people to think I'm just trying to pad my dl numbers, by having people dl updates with nothing new for their client.



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