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    posted a message on How to deal with Taint
    If the taint you're observing is dropdown related you can solve it by using LibDropdown-1.0 instead of the built-in blizzard dropdowns.
    This will require familiarity with how to use libraries and a rewrite of most of the dropdown related code.

    Alternatively you can use NoTaint UIDropDownMenu which will let you keep the original code and just do some search/replace (a much easier rewrite).
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    posted a message on Learning Aid 2.0 Brainstorming
    It's possible my ui skin removes that border, haven't played with default interface since my return from a 6month absence recently.
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    posted a message on Learning Aid 2.0 Brainstorming
    I think all those are very good ideas.

    On the spell book-integration topic apart from the spell search which you seem to have in mind already the 2 things I mostly miss is the ability to sort or group or otherwise quickly identify (a) passive vs active abilities as well as (b) highlight active spells that are not on any bar.

    Filtering spec-swap spam is also as useful as ever.
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    posted a message on Weak Auras 2 does not work
    Manually install the top file from here

    And tell your Curse client to uninstall WeakAuras and use WeakAuras2.
    I can't help much with how to do that as I'm not using CC myself.
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    posted a message on 5.4.2 GetGuildRosterInfo now includes realm name even locally
    Had that marked in my scratchpad, forgot to post on wowi where I kept such a thread.

    Here it is in it's rough form (I've skipped all changes related to the store, and some for pvp so it's not complete)
    But for whatever it's worth.
    new: fastrandom()
    new: _ScriptErrorsFrame.warnType
    new: UnitFullName("unitid")
    new: Ambiguate("unitname",context) -- have seen "none","all","guild","mail"
    changed: local playerDisplayName, playerFullName --[[<new]], class, online, zone, skill, classFileName, isMobile = GetGuildTradeskillInfo(index)
    changed: local skillID, isCollapsed, iconTexture, headerName, numOnline, numVisible, numPlayers, playerDisplayName, playerFullName --[[<new]], class, online, zone, skill, classFileName, isMobile, isAway = GetGuildTradeSkillInfo(index)
    renamed: TradeSkillGuilCraftersFrame_Update > TradeSkillGuildCraftersFrame_Update
    changed: displayName, fullName --[[<new]], classFileName, online = GetGuildRecipeMember(index)
    changed: GetAutoCompleteResults() -- returns a table instead of a list
    new: local colorstringEsc = RGBToColorCode(r,g,b) -- UIParent
    new: local colorstringEsc =RGBTableToColorCode(rgbTable) -- UIParent
    new: LUA_WARNING_TREAT_AS_ERROR = 0 -- constants
    ModelFrames.* + ModelPreviewFrames.* removed, functionality changed/moved to DressUpFrames.* and SharedXML\*.*
    new: GetDefaultVideoQualityOption('cvar',setting[,value]) -- setting = 0-max, value = cvar value
    changed: OpenMailSender.Name:SetText(sender) -- was OpenMailSender:SetText(sender)
    new: IsOnGlueScreen()
    changed: UnitFrame_Update(frame,isParty) -- UI function, isParty is new
    Part of UIPanelTemplates.* have been moved to SharedXML\SharedUIPanelTemplates.* same for Fonts,FontStyles
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    posted a message on Just a performance question.
    The design of the Ace3 libraries is such that regardless if you have Ace3 in your AddOns folder "standalone" or just the needed libraries embedded in your addons, only the most recent version of each library remains loaded in memory, the rest are discarded.

    You don't have to worry about having multiple AceTimer-3.0 loaded from different addons that use it as an example.

    The only reason to run with dis-embedded libraries (which entails more than just putting Ace3 in your AddOns folder, you also need to use no-lib packages for all your addons) is so you can do better profiling for memory or cpu consumption. (profiling = diagnostics, it's not related to the actual performance just the measurement of it; it won't make your addons 'faster')
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    posted a message on An old addon im searching for
    Texture replacement packs still work.

    An example is Aurora.
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    posted a message on An old addon im searching for
    It's the "no such addon can be made" :D

    If you mean clickable buttons that cast spells.

    If you mean just graphic to show you a recommended rotation that you have to execute manually then there's a bunch: Ovale, SpellFlash, Nemo etc
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    posted a message on WeakAuras aura for "someone died"
    I don't have WeakAuras installed so this is from memory.
    Code is also untested so feel free to link this thread in the weakauras forum for further assistance.

    What you're asking for should be possible with a custom trigger.
    For Show
    Type: Custom > Event
    Show code
      if subEvent == "UNIT_DIED" and (UnitInParty(whodied) or UnitInRaid(whodied)) then
        return true
    Timed and put however long you want the aura to stay up before hidden automatically.

    Note for any other coders that might want to try helping you that the check can be made more reliably by using bitmasks and the dstflags argument but I wasn't comfortable trying to drycode a hes_in_group bitmask :P
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    posted a message on [Request] WoW Lvl & iLvl Addon for Classic, TBC, etc...
    Quote from myrroddin
    It would be much simpler to add iLevel info to the tooltip. It should work for any unit frame AddOn.

    Voila! http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/simple-ilevel
    ElvUI already has iLvl to the tooltip but it only queries/shows it when you shift-mouseover.
    It was done for performance reasons afaic.
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    posted a message on Looking for assistance in research on addon development
    Cross-post from wowinterface for any people that visit both sites.
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    posted a message on AceGUI-3.0 child anchoring confusion
    Quote from Pelf
    Yeah, I saw that, but in this case, the issue is with it doing the following, which causes the Icon to appear to be sitting lower than it should be:
    image:SetPoint("TOP", 0, -5)
    That's part of the internal structure of the ACE Icon widget and isn't something that a layout is going to fix. I assume, maybe, the offset is ... no, the offset isn't for the label. That sits on the bottom. I'm not sure what the -5 is for.

    @Pelf: I'm afraid my attachment has mislead you.
    The misalignment to the 2nd button is really just a side-effect that's inconsequential; the main issue I wanted to illustrate is that the icon widget is not anchored to the first button at all when that anchoring is done as the last action putting together the frame.

    The main issue is that the 'lightbulb' should be attached to the top button, not that it's misaligned to the second button.
    Something that does work (alignment and all) when the anchoring is done 'after the fact' as the click handler demonstrates.

    @Adirelle: I'm aware of that and that its main purpose is working together with other Ace libs to translate option structures to gui.
    However it is not the only purpose and the API pages exposes :SetPoint() etc for a reason or that could be assumed (I know of several addons that use AceGUI for leveraging the plug and play widgets and saving time).

    In this particular case (the original addon I'm working on, not the stripped down example code I posted to illustrate this particular issue) the button widgets are added based on a dynamic list and the icon widget needs to anchor to any one of them, not a particular one.
    If I wanted to have it be next to button no2 always then doing :AddChild() in the 'proper order' and letting the layout do its job would be sufficient but like I said the anchoring is volatile.
    After the layout is finished manual anchoring (using the AceGUI API exposed) works, the problem was the initial drawing (and refresh) of the container.

    I have "solved" my particular case by abusing :PauseLayout() but I didn't want to post it as a solution because well... it's not. :p
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    posted a message on AceGUI-3.0 child anchoring confusion
    Thanks for taking the time to look into this.
    I had a different workaround but I'll take the time to go over your post tomorrow (it's too late to be up where I live already)

    Just wanted to acknowledge that I saw the post.
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    posted a message on IsDisabledByParentalControls() error
    This unfortunately is a problem Blizzard introduced in 5.4.1 where addon authors don't have a solution; only a choice among problems.

    It was first reported on 5.4.1 PTR (and ignored)
    Then it went live like that and reported again as a bug
    and mirrored on the UI and Macros forums

    The posts by Oscarucb (Ashel) on the 2nd page of that last thread hold the best of bad solutions for the moment.
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    posted a message on AceGUI-3.0 child anchoring confusion
    I am trying to manually anchor a container child to one of its siblings (another child of the container at the same level)

    What happens instead is that my manual anchoring is ignored.
    Steps to reproduce my problem.
    1. Create <container>
    2. Create <child1>, <child2>, <child3>
    3. Add all 3 children to the container.
    4. Anchor one of the children to another.
    (4) is seemingly ignored.

    Minimal snippet illustrating my issue
    local A = LibStub("AceGUI-3.0")
    local container = A:Create("Frame")
    local icon = A:Create("Icon")
    local button1 = A:Create("Button")
    button1:SetText("button1 - anchor me")
    button1.OnClick = function(_,event,mbutton)
      icon:SetPoint("LEFT",button1.frame,"RIGHT",2,5) -- manually triggering works
    local button2 = A:Create("Button")
    icon:SetPoint("LEFT",button1.frame,"RIGHT",2,5) -- this doesn't work
    Easiest way to test in-game is having Ace3 and an addon that allows running Lua snippets (devpad, tinypad, hack, wowlua, simply notes etc)
    The graphical result is shown in the attachment.
    The problem is the 'light bulb' should be anchored to the top button (button1)

    Any assistance much appreciated.
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