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    posted a message on Wysiwyg or notepad
    If you're talking wow specific I only know of WoW UI Designer by Nulkris.

    A few years back at work we used to use XMLSpy by Altova. (payware)
    No xml editor is wysiwyg without an xslt though.

    Freeware alternatives that I've used and are decent are XML Copy Editor
    and XMLPad3

    Personally I do all my editing with UltraEdit,
    but it's just a text editor with a few extras.
    (syntax highlighting, code folding, autocomplete to name a few)
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    posted a message on GrindStatus
    I've done some initial work updating GrindStatus for WoW 3.x/WotLK.

    Details in r125 changelog

    Edit: The project doesn't show in project search, I'm guessing it's because it's marked 'abandoned'.
    Apart from the actual question to Nymbia if it is truly abandoned or auto flagged by Curse,
    would it be an idea to provide a checkbox in the project search for searching abandoned projects as well?
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    posted a message on LittleWigs
    Hadronox, Anub'Arak

    Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom/
    Elder Nadox, Jedoga Shadowseeker, Prince Taldaram

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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List
    I made a couple trivial commits to this and LibBabble-Faction-3.0

    'Explorer's League' -> 'Explorers' League'

    Verified both in-game and from http://www.wowhead.com/?faction=1068

    enUS key was correct in LibBabble-Faction-3.0, all other locales not.
    Same typo in AckisRecipeList.lua and ARLFrame.lua.
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    posted a message on once again, can't search for my add-ons
    Quote from Seerah
    How do you think I found it? :p

    You googled it?

    Search continues to act chaotic.
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    posted a message on Someone addon's no longer working correctly
    There have been numerous posts on these boards as well as addon sites,
    that installing to the default location can cause problems stemming from Vista wonky security model (hiding operating system details from the user).

    Installing outside of the folders that receive special treatment from the OS makes it behave more like XP.
    Among other things you will find configuration settings where you expect them to, and not at some cryptic "Documents and Settings\... 10 folders in that I have no clue where they are" location.

    Search around, giving people attitude won't help you much.

    For example:
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    posted a message on Regular expressions make me cry.
    Thanks, I'll check it out.
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    posted a message on Regular expressions make me cry.
    This seems like a good topic to put my question under :)

    First a note that I've already solved my particular problem so there's no urgency of any kind attached,
    the solution I have in place works.

    I'm just looking for something a bit more elegant than an if-elseif block which is what I'm currently doing.
    (and hopefully learning something about patterns from a specific use case in the process)

    The problem I had to solve was finding if a specific word is part of a sentence.
    I don't need to capture the word and I don't need a pattern capture that will match perturbations.

    At the basis is a very simple string.find(sentence, word)
    I wanted to make it so that it returns true only if 'word' is a whole word at the beginning, middle or end of 'sentence'
    and not a substring of another word.

    I have it working by "falling through" 4 pattern tests but I was wondering if there's a more condensed way to do it.

    string.find(sentence, "^()"..word.."()$") -- my word starts and ends the sentence; trivial case could as well be ==
    string.find(sentence, "[%s%p]()"..word.."()$") -- my word is preceded by space or punctuation and ends the sentence
    string.find(sentence, "^()"..word.."()[%s%p]") -- my word at the beginning of the sentence and followed by space or punctuation
    string.find(sentence, "[%s%p]()"..word.."()[%s%p]") -- my word at the middle of sentence enclosed in spaces or punctuation

    are what I'm using and returning at the first that matches.
    I'm using empty () to capture the start and end position of the actual 'word'
    and not the whole pattern so that I can do some restructuring of the string.
    (example would be just as valid without () at all, they can be ignored)
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    posted a message on LibQTip
    Quote from twobits
    Edit the first post maybe? BTW, I saw the auctioneer announcement for LibExtraTip now, wonder why they did not just use LibEnhToolTip.

    *shrug* ah well

    Because "enhanced" is too generic if all their lib does is provide "extra" tooltips?
    (note: I don't know what their lib does, going off the old enhtooltip stuff)
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    posted a message on Play US but live in EU?
    I believe editing your config.wtf to put the us realmlist and logon server addresses should be enough
    (provided you have a US account ofc).
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    posted a message on Hiding/Removing the Action Bar
    An addon solution if you're interested in such is

    HideBlizzard by Gendr
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    posted a message on Utopia
    While the suggestion makes perfect sense if the bar contained singular debuffs
    it's not feasible (imo) the way the addon works.

    The buttons you see are groupings of debuff types, not singular debuffs.

    The tooltip will list alternative debuffs that affect the same stat (ex. -AP debuff)

    If you hide the button you lose relevant info (alternative debuffs you could apply for that effect).

    At the very least it should be an option.

    I do agree that the visual cue should follow this logic though:
    - not applied but available in raid = vividly visible ("apply me now")
    - applied = normal ("we got it covered, but maybe check the list if there's something better")
    - not applied but unavailable in raid = dimmed ("disabled, we don't have it")

    It would also be nice if there was an option for the bar buttons to re-sort dynamically as debuffs are applied to the target:
    |not applied - but available||applied||unavailable|
    RL goal would be to have a bar with no bright (available debuff types that the raid hasn't applied) and secondly no dimmed buttons (unavailable debuff types).
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    posted a message on ERROR: Memory allocation error: Block too big. Count: Infinite
    This is the most current discussion on the matter.


    The last 2-3 posts might give you some practical things to try with CowTip.

    For those with a technical inclination the rest of the thread will provide an "answer" as to what's happening and who's to "blame".

    If you can't follow the details just stick with the practical tips found at the end of the thread.

    Every time this comes up I see a few people that pick random words (ace2, cowtip, arkinventory ...)
    and recite a mantra that would protect their favorite addon from getting blame.
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    posted a message on LibTooltip
    LibSpreadTip :p

    (columns -> spread'sheet -> spread'tip... ;D oh well)
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