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    posted a message on Looking for guidance
    Just some snippets, this will not work as is but might give you an idea what's involved.

    First of all there's no way (that I know) to get an individual officer note.
    Your best bet is to scan the guild roster, get the notes and put them in a table with the member name as index shortly after logging in.

    Then you need to monitor the event (GUILD_ROSTER_UPDATE) that fire when a change to the guild roster has happened or an update has been requested and received with GuildRoster() and go over your table to update any changes.
    (blind update is ok in this case since you're only interested in the current note)

    IsInGuild() and CanViewOfficerNote()
    will tell you if you're in guild and can view the officer notes.

    name,_,_,_,_,_,_,officernote = GetGuildRosterInfo(index);
    will give you the 'name' and 'officernote',

    You can wrap it in a
    for index=1, GetNumGuildMembers() do


    You can test
    name == UnitName("player")
    or even better assuming your table is Officer_Notes and the key is the player name,
    just checking that Officer_Notes[UnitName("player")] exists should be enough to get the note of the current player.

    When you have the 'officernote' you can work on the display part.
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    posted a message on Package manager: Alpha/Beta/Release ?
    It's nice to see that you have a sense of humor and this thread will do more for that, than random commit messages :)
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    posted a message on Package manager: Alpha/Beta/Release ?
    As one of the silly people I guess I would have to thank you for the info...

    Maybe look up the difference between uninformed and silly before you reply next time though ;)

    If I understand the relevant info you provided, your removing of the field from the .toc
    has absolutely no impact on anything except from forcing an unneeded repack and joining "our" ranks of the silly. Welcome!
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    posted a message on any addon to hide/move the gm open ticket window?
    Since you said "any" addon... any of the frame movers should be able to.


    The first 2 will allow you to 'save' the new position, the later I think only move frames temporarily (while they're open)
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    posted a message on Package manager: Alpha/Beta/Release ?
    My question is not directly related to alpha/beta/release but it is package manager related,
    so might be better to keep it in this thread instead of opening a new one.

    I don't remember where I got this info (it might have been something as fleeting as a commit message)

    I've been under the impression that the ## X-Package-Me: 1 .toc field
    was a way to instruct the packager to create a new package of your addon
    when the externals it's using are repackaged themselves (due to a new revision).

    For example a new package of an Ace3 library is created, UberAddon that uses said library
    is also repackaged with the new version if X-Package-Me is found in its .toc.

    Is that a misunderstanding on my part? Is the intention something completely different?
    What does X-Package-Me do in other words?

    I saw a commit message by Nevcariel on one of the addons I updated that said
    "cake is a lie and so is X-Package-Me" ;D

    I found it cute, but I'd like some more information,
    so I know not to use it if it creates a problem with something.

    It would be nice to have a listing of X-* fields that are used to actually "do" something,
    or point me to one if one exists (I know the wowwiki page but it's outdated)
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    posted a message on WhoFavorites (non official)

    • saves who queries from the FriendsFrame into a dropdown list for easy recall.
    • easily add/remove saved queries.
    • choose to autorun the query on selection or manually.
    • Based on Who Favorites by Rizzle of Twisting Nether(Horde) and AHFavorites by Narwick

    Ace2 version authored by Bolagio, updated for WotLK by me.

    Mostly a placeholder thread so the author (should he be back)
    sees the update and tags it beta/release for syndicating to Curse.

    Update available - at the moment - from the wowace project page
    or my attachment below.
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    posted a message on Wiring a file via Lua
    Just a note that this was referring to a standalone Lua environment not in-game.

    You can't use explicit file io from wow (just in case that's where you were heading with this).
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    posted a message on ERROR: Memory allocation error: Block too big. Count: Infinite
    Quote from X-buZZ
    Does that mean that WIM is causing the memory issue?

    No it means nothing of the sort.
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    posted a message on New GetCoinTextureString API Usage
    It works as you'd expect it to.
    If while at a merchant that can repair you do

    local coinstring = GetCoinTextureString((GetRepairAllCost()),12)

    coinstring will be something like:


    It's all a contiguous string I put newlines for clarity.
    That's 6 gold, 72 silver, 51 copper with a fontsize of 12.
    (random numbers I made up but the format is correct)
    If you don't pass it fontsize it will return the same but with the default fontsize (probably 14).

    You should then be able to just do :SetText(coinstring).
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    posted a message on Alt-z and hiding interface
    What Lombra said.
    Your frame needs to be parented to UIParent to hide with the rest of the interface.
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    posted a message on SorrenTimers
    Where did you get SorrenTimers from (is a relevant question as well)
    If the answer is Curse you got an outdated / broken version in one case or if you got a SorrenTimers '3' version that's circulating a partially working version at best.

    Current SorrenTimers versions are only hosted on wowinterface by me (to my knowledge)
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    posted a message on Curious about CPU usage
    RedRange is not an Ace addon.
    It's cpu usage is indeed a bit high but there's no way that I could find to limit it and preserve functionality.

    I tinkered with it for a couple days and even uploaded a version on wowi for the short period it was broken in WotLK beta.

    I made some changes to it to try shave off some cpu time.
    Managed to get 10-15% off the original by using caching and a local table lookup instead of calling API in each OnUpdate for non-changing values.
    Experimented with normal hooks instead of securehooking (that's supposedly more expensive).
    The difference was still not significant and the later version released by Iriel for 3.0 incorporated these ideas
    (coded more elegantly infact).

    You'll just have to live with it.
    All other actionbar "range out" addons are based on Iriel's code and have similar (and usually greater cpu consumption)
    OR less features.
    (the old Ace2 rerwrite by hshh consumes 1/3rd of the cpu time but uses 1 less hook that makes it only partially working)
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    The latest alpha I committed should be error free on WoW live and WotLK beta.

    I cannot tag it beta myself to make it available from Curse, but r187+ should be WoW 3.x/WotLK ready.
    (updated the .toc too; sorry if I shouldn't have, I tested it quite extensively in raid)

    Full changelog in the commit message.
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    posted a message on Omen3
    I don't think that's doing what you believe it does.
    Without having looked at the code in depth I remember Xinhuan saying that tps is calculated from a configurable length sliding time window.

    I think you're just getting it to output the last "partial" average not the endfight-startfight/fighttime average.
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    posted a message on LibTooltip

    Anything with 'Multi' in it creates connotations of multiple tooltips, in that respect Xinhuan's MultiColumnTips is better as it qualifies it, but reading here multicolumn is basic feature but not all of it.
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