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    I've fixed this up but it needs Jncl to edit the file so that r45 is tagged "beta" and becomes available.
    Repository is set to package beta/release only so I can't access the file to tag it myself :)

    In keeping with the current naming scheme b1.9056 (beta 1 wow build tested on)
    it should probably be b2.9138 if someone tags it (beta 2. tested on build9138 )

    You can pull it down with an svn client only atm, or manually extract the attached file in your EnhancedColourPicker folder.
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    posted a message on SexyMap - A tiny bundle of minimap awesomeification
    hi SexyMap!
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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    Quote from tomsommer
    It now returns isMine, but that variable is bullshit because it doesn't show if the buff was cast by you - for instance, all buffs on "player" will return true for isMine.

    There is no clean/easy way to only show the buffs you've cast.
    There is no easy way to only show class buffs now, before all class buffs returned a duration, which all buffs do now - so you can't single them out.

    Currently the "Buffs by me" filter works by taking all buffs where Blizzard's isMine is true, and duration is > 0, which removes paladin auras, totems etc. (no duration).

    Thank you for indirectly answering my query here
    At least I know I'm not cwazzy now ;D
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    posted a message on Button font colour in Xml?
    <Button name="MyButton" virtual="true">
                <AbsDimension x="100" y="20" />
                <Layer level="OVERLAY">
                    <FontString name="$parent_Text" inherits="GameFontNormal">
                    <Color r="1" g="0.82" b="1"/>
                            <AbsDimension x="100" y="20" />

    This should work...
    Note: drycode and not tested.
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    posted a message on [WotLK] UnitAura / UnitBuff
    Bump again.

    UnitAura supposedly has these returns:
    name, rank, icon, count,
    auraType, duration, expirationTime,
    isMine, isStealable

    = UnitAura("unit", index, filter)

    9 total, isMine that interests me is at no8.

    However look at the returns from 2 zone-wide auras that are definitely not cast by the player.

    "Echoes of Lordaeron", "Rank 1", "Interface\\Icons\\INV_BannerPVP_02", 0,
    nil, 0, 0,
    1, nil

    "Dominion Over Acherus", "", "Interface\\Icons\\Ability_Hunter_Displacement", 0,
    nil, 0, 0,
    1, nil

    Why? And more importantly can I safely assume that when auratype is nil,
    or duration and expirationTime are both 0 this is actually NOT a buff/debuff cast by me regardless of isMine return value?

    What combination of returns should I check to be relatively sure that I properly detected if a buff/debuff is cast by me (or not).

    Tested on 3.0.3 build 9138.

    WTB consistent returns :confused:

    Edit: Seems royally borked.
    I tested against the mount buff that can definitely considered cast by "me".
    Same returns as above, auratype = nil, duration = 0, expirationTime = 0, isMine = 1.
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    posted a message on Quest addons
    I don't know, and I only switch addons when I'm missing something from one.
    QuestGuru does everything I want from a questlog addon atm so not looking for replacement.
    Was always mix-matching to get what's more convenient for me a long time.
    QuestHistory (felstone) for history, doublewide for doublepane questlog,
    monkey quest for better tracker (at some point) factionfriend for questlevels, quest initiators for questgiver loc recording and a ton of other mods came and went as stuff broke in patches or whatnot.

    Since I switched to QG I haven't missed any of them and it has a level of configurability that I find most pleasing.
    Not just on /off switch for every feature but customization "inside" the feature as well.

    You can visit this page for basic info but the best way is to run it, play with the options a bit and see if it is for you.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    I also like all of the plugins (and I'm actually in the process of adding one more little sibling to the family)
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    posted a message on Quest addons
    QuestGuru has everything™

    * except native LDB support
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    posted a message on XLoot
    Quote from Xedriell
    yes I do! something wrong with it?

    I'm not using it myself but it does look that way.

    I'd suggest removing XLoot* from your addons folder and using the Curse Client to redownload.

    Maybe that will force it to pickup the "release" versions instead of keep overwriting them with the "Alpha".

    If that doesn't solve it, I can't suggest anything more than use the "manual download" link to get the file,
    and extract to your addons folder by hand.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    Quote from Xedriell
    hm I am getting the following error when only xloot enabled.
    XLoot 0.9-30000-1

    Erm, no you're not. (not using that version you linked)
    I just downloaded it again and line 105 referenced in your error is comments (ie no code there)

    You're using another version.
    Are you updating with the Curse Client?
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    posted a message on Recount
    Quote from teshadin
    your post is real helpful, no really.

    i deleted the wtf folder and all backups that fixed it, im not sure which file went pear shaped, sweet addon

    Nice to see that you found a solution.
    Next time provide more info in your original question and you might get a more meaningful answer.

    You were missing among other things:
    - Recount version,
    - Wow version (live or beta for example)
    - client locale
    or any other number of relevant info.

    The only specific thing you mentioned was that you increased the value of a non-existing console variable.
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    posted a message on Recount
    Very old Recount or private server?

    There's not been combatlog range setting for months now.
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    posted a message on Guild Log
    I've used it a bit myself (since I took the time to fix it).

    It's prettier than the other log but there's one big problem.
    It doesn't differentiate between
    "x was kicked from guild by y"
    "x has left the guild"

    It reports both as "x has left the guild".

    That's a rather important piece of info to be missing.
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    posted a message on Do you think like a programmer?
    11 stumped me too until I realized I can use a function in a function :P
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