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    posted a message on Hunter Imp. Tracking Warning mod
    There's 3 addons (that I know, maybe more) that do auto-switching, not warning.

    Maybe one of them can serve your purpose?

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    posted a message on Guild Log
    Seeing as it's tiny, no subfolders and only 3 files: .toc, .lua and .xml in the addon,
    I think it's exceedingly easy for anyone to verify that it's a legitimate attachment so here goes:
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    posted a message on Guild Log
    Quote from Civrock
    After trying GuildCheck for a few days... I'd like GuildLog back. :P I miss the actual log functionality where it saves what happened in its window indefinitely instead of just changes which disappear after checking them.

    How would I fix the following error? It's actually the only one GuildLog throws when trying to open its window.

    [2008/10/22 00:48:08-2986-x1]: Guild_Log\Guild_Log.lua:400: attempt to call method 'SetTextColor' (a nil value)
    <string>:"*:OnShow":1: in function <[string "*:OnShow"]:1>
    <in C code>: in function `Show'
    Guild_Log\Guild_Log.lua:333: in function `Guild_Log_look_Roster'
    <string>:"*:OnClick":1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>

    If only ... :)
    That's just the first thing it barfs on.

    In any case I updated Guild Log for 3.0.2 but I'm hesitant to post a link to a filefront page atm.

    Author has set the repository to private access only on Curse so I can't update it directly.
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    posted a message on Warning: New Trojan on wowui
    [FONT=verdana][FONT=Arial]Scanning Report[/FONT][/FONT]

    [FONT=verdana][FONT=Arial]22 October 2008 16:28:25 - 16:28:28[/FONT][/FONT]

    [FONT=verdana]Computer name: ----
    Scanning type: Scan target
    Target: Addons\30000\CurseUpdaterzip-1224675514.zip [/FONT]

    [FONT=verdana][FONT=Arial]Result: 1 malware found[/FONT][/FONT]

    [FONT=verdana]Trojan-Spy.Win32.Ardamax.n (virus)

    That's from F-Secure Client Security.
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    posted a message on Combat sounds for instant casts
    Is that the Hot Streak buff? (sorry if I'm way off the mark)

    If it's a temporary buff, then Power Auras Classic (search for it on wowinterface) can help you make it more noticeable.

    You can attach a graphic and /or a sound to it.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    Quote from SGatton
    I don't know what happened the other day. I updated XLoot and XLoot Master through Curse Gaming Client because it said there was an update available. As soon as I did so, and I raided the same night (and I was loot master), I couldn't get a single loot window to popup with any XLoot addon enabled. I disabled XLoot and I could loot. I then rolled back the addon to the Dev3 copy I downloaded from here, and everyting worked perfectly again.

    Updating through an auto-updater is not the best idea currently,
    unless you have set it to only update from release versions.

    There was for a brief period of time a beta of the next version of XLoot that Xinhuan is working on.
    This is a rewrite and there was a bolded warning that none of the existing plugins would work with it.
    If the updater installed that version in your interface it would break.

    As well, do not use the Dev3 copy.
    (it works but a couple more things were fixed and uploaded on Curse since)

    XLoot 0.9-30000-1
    XLootGroup 0.5-30000
    XLootMaster 0.7-30000-1
    XLootMonitor 0.7-30000-1

    are the current compatible versions at the time of posting.
    Do not upgrade to the XLoot 1.x versions if you want to use the plugins.
    (or until Xinhuan either makes it compatible or goes on to write plugins that work with it)
    Stay with the 0.x versions for the moment and all should be ok.
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    posted a message on GetAutoLootDefault

    where value is 1 or 0.
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    posted a message on GetAutoLootDefault
    The function has been removed you can replace it with
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    posted a message on Addon causing memory allocation error: block too big
    Did you maybe find an interesting (and complex) tag that you applied to Cowtip in between though?

    (between the time you were using it pre-3.0 and after you rebuilt your ui)
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    posted a message on Atlas Loot Errors
    The Wrath of the Lich King stuff is not yet in LibBabble-Zone-3.0 for deDE locale.

    line 753 and down.
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    posted a message on Squeenix (Achievements Tracker)
    Quote from MoonWitch
    There's an achievements tracker??

    Yea there's a checkbox you can tick (bottom left under the Achievement icon)
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    posted a message on Anyone willing to fix a couple things in MobInfo-2?
    This seems to have been picked up by someone over at wowui btw.
    Haven't checked if there's something more than widget fixes but would probably be good
    to keep an eye on that page and submit bugs/requests over there.


    Edit: Lol nvm I run a diff :)

    It's actually the first file I had posted here.
    The one with the scrollframe bug I fixed after Riamus reported it.
    Other than that it's identical.

    Interesting to see that it's already at v3.71 hehe.
    I could be mean and remove the 2nd file from here but ok :)
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    posted a message on How do I go about getting a hijacked project removed?
    Quote from Ackis
    What about this project:


    I'm guessing that's just garbage he created while trying to get the hang of Curseforge.
    It is by the same guy and it's obviously not a project so it can be safely removed.
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    posted a message on How do I go about getting a hijacked project removed?
    Quote from Ackis
    We check for malware, ToS violations, etc... it's hard to verify if every single addon is not copied from someone else however we do our best.

    I've deleted it from CurseForge (and it will stop syndicating from Curse).

    (I'll tone down the bolded parts)

    PS. You're involved with Curse too now?
    /pat my condolences :(
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    posted a message on Ace Addon's not letting Focus Work
    This thread will give you an idea what's the real issue

    To summarize; it's a problem on Blizzard side of things,
    and it's very hard for any addon using dropdowns to avoid the issue.

    To verify if this is the case, try to set your focus through a keybind.
    Go into Keybinds from the game options menu.
    Scroll down until you find the "Focus Target" and "Target Focus" keybinds and set them up.

    Now target something and press your "Focus Target" keybind (I use ctrl+f for example).

    If you can set your focus that way and no action blocked errors the problem is what I said above
    and you won't fix it by removing addons.
    (Unless ofc you remove each and every addon that populates a dropdown menu be it in options screens or wherever with more than 16 items)

    Short version: Use keybinds to set your focus
    and hope Blizzard will make the target frame less prone to random tainting.
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