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    posted a message on How do I go about getting a hijacked project removed?
    I did not give permission (or been asked for that matter) but my addon
    Power Auras Classic was uploaded to Curse by some random guy.

    I have adopted the addon with the original author's permission since 30-March-2008
    and taken it through both the 2.4 and recently 3.0 WoW patches all the while expanding it
    and keeping it maintained as is evident by the changelog at my page above.
    It is in no way shape or form an outdated or orphaned project.

    Addon description/changelog etc was copied verbatim.
    He didn't even bother to change the .toc fields
    so I'm assuming that Curse doesn't screen submissions
    for anything other than malware.

    Needless to say I was rather annoyed.
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    posted a message on Addon causing memory allocation error: block too big
    Some references in order of least -> more specific.
    The last two are what you should be looking at.



    cowtip ticket #1 and #2
    (it's interesting to note the time span but these just mean users see cowtip
    referenced often in these errors, not that it's definitely to blame - more on that below)

    And now for the specific stuff:
    1. Xinhuan's observations on this board
    2. MentalPower's similar analysis on Auctioneer comment space (look at the post before last)

    Quoting the relevant parts:
    Xinhuan: "This points to clues that the GetRegions() call somehow manipulates internal tables of frames and regions to return results, since the Block too big error is occurring inside it for many cases. When the call doesn't return, something in memory got corrupted and wow eventually crashes.

    The hypothesis is that Cowtip is generating lots and lots of fontstrings and regions on GameTooltip and when it exceeds a certain limit, the error occurs.

    MentalPower: "Most "memory allocation error: block too big" errors nowadays are caused by AddOns requesting too many widgets to be created and not reusing them at all.
    The error itself is an internal Lua limitation, caused by the way it allocates memory for a table being rehashed (read: expanded), code demonstrating this in standard Lua follows:
    Lua 5.1.3  Copyright (C) 1994-2008 Lua.org, PUC-Rio
    > t={} local t=t for i=1, 10e999 do t[ i ]=true end
    not enough memory
    > =#t
    > t=nil
    > collectgarbage()
    > t={} local t=t for i=1, 10e999 do t[ i * 100 ]=true end
    not enough memory
    > local i=0 for k in pairs(t) do i=i+1 end print(i)
    > t=nil
    > collectgarbage()
    > os.exit()
    My point is that there is little to nothing Blizzard can do about it without modifying Lua internals which they usually avoid doing at all costs. Also note that this limitation only presents itself when really huge tables are created (33.5M array entries or 16.7M hash entries) which means that these AddOns are creating an exorbitant amount of frames/fontstrings/textures for this to occur.
    The only way to "fix" this is to get the authors of these AddOns to improve their code and embrace established best practices when it comes to UI widget creation, use and recycling.

    What this means in layman's terms in as far as I understand it myself.
    Excessive table creation which usually happens in frame creation code.
    Tooltips + fontstrings feature in this predominantly.
    Couple an inventory scanning, mass-mailing, auctionscanning addon (anything that sets/scans tooltips en masse)
    with an addon that "complicates" the tooltip adding textures/fontstrings (dogtags) and you get a multiplicative effect.

    Which addon is to blame? none and both.
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    posted a message on Addon causing memory allocation error: block too big
    I think you're in denial a bit mate :)

    1. Other reports tend to indicate that Cowtip exacerbates the problem
    (if not causing it, as no one has verified that it does or does not sofar)
    2. It is the first addon mentioned in the error log you posted.
    3. How about disabling it for your next couple raids and see if you don't have the problem?

    I also haven't seen a mention of this error yet that didn't have to do with an excessive amount or very deep nested frame structures created.
    'SetRegions' features in error reports related to it predominantly...

    I don't see where Recount fits into that.

    Edit: was replying to the OP (not the post that came in between)
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    posted a message on Vigilance tracker
    PowerAuras Classic can "sort of" do it.

    Setup a new aura with your desired graphic (or text alert) and optionally sound.

    Activation by: "buff".
    buffname: vigilance.
    "Ignore case" checked.
    "Raid" checked.
    "Show when not active" checked.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    Yea I had found the edit file.
    It's how I marked them beta in the first place since I wanted to stay with the numbering scheme Mikk started and the site auto-flags it release.

    I was hoping we're not forced to flag something "release" just to update the default download.

    Also the 'edit relationships' on the Actions nav menu in file page seems to be doing nothing.

    The description of the intended site feature reads:
    "Relationships are how your files interacts with others, mostly related to whether your file is dependent on another project."
    and instructions how to declare them:
    "Should be the project's short name or project/repository"
    so I assumed it's something with a bit wider scope than ##ReqDep
    Whatever the intended use, it's not working :P
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    posted a message on XLoot
    I made a couple commits in each of XLoot, XLootMonitor and XLootMaster
    with the last few differences between the last releases and my local working copy.

    I tried pretty much every option both in party and raid and couldn't cause it to error,
    so it seems at a good point atm.

    I'll go around removing links to temporary uploads to avoid confusion,
    and try to go through proper channels for changes in the future.
    (apologies for causing a bit of chaos there Mikk, Xuerian)

    I have 2 small requests :)
    1. Does anyone know how we can select which file will be the default for download on Curse?
    Not an alpha ofc, I mean among the ones getting published there (beta and release)
    At the moment it seems default download sticks with the last "release"
    despite it being older than the most recent "beta".
    Am I missing something or are we forced to tag "release" to update the default download?

    2. Would be nice if the most current betas could be updated to WoWInterface as well.
    I can't do it as there's no joint-authorship facilities I could find.
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    posted a message on Curse: setting a project file as default?
    Browsing through the tickets posted I see a couple
    requesting that addon authors are given a means to control
    which of the files mirrored on Curse (release and beta packages only)
    will be set as the default download.

    It seems that currently you are "forced" to tag a file as "release"
    to make it the default download if there's a previously tagged release
    (no matter how older).

    I'm just inquiring if there's been some change to that I'm missing,
    (spent quite some time navigating through every project link I could find)
    or in any case if it's considered for the future.

    Out of curiosity the current state of affairs is due to techniqual
    limitations/convenience... or a way to discourage perpetual betas?

    Thanks for info.
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    posted a message on Mendeleev config questions
    There's currently a small oversight with Mendeleev v3.0-beta2 regarding options.

    Mendeleev.lua: line 81 needs to be
    set = function(_, v) Mendeleev.db.profile.UsedInTreeIcons = v end,
    like for the other options. (missing the first parameter)

    It means you can't configure showing icons or not atm for the 'UsedIn' list.
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    posted a message on Anyone willing to fix a couple things in MobInfo-2?

    Get this file, fixed the scrolling problem.
    (Like I said that was just my initial file from about a month ago)

    Now dropping it again, might go back for internal changes at a later date.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    Hey I meant no offense Mikk :)

    I did try them and run a diff to see what was changed,
    got errors with announcing and GiveLoot not going through,
    the GetAutoLootDefault() stuff was also still in.

    Tbh I just expected to see a "beta" tag before "release" nothing more.

    I've run an svn server at work in the past it's not unfamiliar but I'd like to read the stickies here,
    and start with one of my semi-abandoned (and in low demand) projects to get up to speed.

    XLoot is in very high demand, me fudging it would not sit well with users probably.

    Did the same btw, picked up a friend's toon, made it my slave and run Stockades a few times to check things in party,
    and Deadmines for raid :p

    I enjoy XLoot as a user first of all, so you working on it is good news.

    Edit: Removed my other post.
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    posted a message on Anyone willing to fix a couple things in MobInfo-2?
    Mobinfo2 is at the bottom of a large pile of other projects I want to finish.

    However I will get to it eventually (I think).

    Reason it went to the bottom is that the gui stuff is easy to fix but the internals,
    need alot of work to actually make it useful again.

    When I get around to it I intend to rip out most of the health/mana tracking functionality,
    with 2 exceptions:
    - keep health and mana values shown over an empty statusbar when the mob is dead.
    - option to combine the numeric hp/mana value with the percentile one.
    It bugs me that Blizzard lets you choose one or the other and not both.

    All the heuristics for health etc need to be removed since Blizzard provides absolute values to the client by default nowadays.

    I'm also going to remove the custom Mobinfo2 tooltip and leave only the parts that add info to the GameTooltip.

    Finally for things to add, fixing *runs*, *calls for help* and tracking resists/immunities would be my priorities.

    I *might* have something for it by WotLK... but no promises.

    If someone else decides to take it up, you can consider the above as my wishlist :p
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    posted a message on XLoot
    I will look at it but people do need some sleep occasionally you know.
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    posted a message on PallyPower - Official Thread
    It's a library upgrade path error.

    Make sure your Ace2 libraries are ALL uptodate.
    If you're running embedded (most probably) that unfortunately means
    to update all subfolders where Ace libraries may be found.

    to get the latest Ace2 version and then you have some replacing to do.

    Hint: to see which of your addons probably have Ace2 libraries,
    do a search in your AddOns folder for 'AceLibrary'.

    Ctrl+F or F3 in windows explorer, advanced search, AceLibrary, filetype = folder.

    Sort the results by path, and look which addons are listed.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    Quote from Kerecha
    a fix for

    Interface\AddOns\XLoot\XLoot.lua:138: attempt to call global 'GetAutoLootDefault' (a nil value)
    [C]: in function `GetAutoLootDefault'
    Interface\AddOns\XLoot\XLoot.lua:138: in function <Interface\AddOns\XLoot\XLoot.lua:137>
    Interface\AddOns\XLoot\XLoot.lua:259: in function <Interface\AddOns\XLoot\XLoot.lua:258>
    (tail call): ?

    would be nice, addon works fine, but spams that error

    Took me a while to realize that you were talking about the package I uploaded.
    For several of the other errors posted in this thread the lines didn't match my copy
    so I assumed people were still using the old one from files.wowace.com.

    I'm guessing it's happening during resource gathering? (mining/herbing etc)
    ... or I would have noticed sooner.
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    posted a message on Bankstack? Mr. Plow? Anything working for 3.0?
    Go to the line mentioned in the error and replace

    While you're at it check if it's called in any more places and do the same replacement.

    You can remove that huge list of addons now btw :)
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