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    posted a message on Extending Fizzle [item highlights] to Guild Bank
    For some reason I think that oGlow by Haste would be a much better starting point. :p
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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List
    Hehe, there's no rush, hope it was good entertainment.
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    posted a message on Guild Log
    I can fix it, but having looked at the code I'd much rather poke my eyes out.

    I suggest trying an alternative like GuildCheck
    If that one doesn't work either, I'd be more inclined to update it :P
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    posted a message on BugGrabber / BugSack -- Ace2'd
    It's working fine, just moved away from fubar (and minimap icon) to LDB.
    You need an LDB plugin display (like Fortress, Databroker et al) to show it.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    Quote from Bremic
    There is a posted update? The latest update I can find seems to have been flagged by one library getting updated, and the mod itself does not work.

    Maybe he was referring to
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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List
    Ackis Recipe List is broken on the current WotLK beta build as well as the 3.0.2 live build.

    Laibcoms has opened a ticket about it.
    I've added some more info and a quick and dirty hack to get ARL to work with minimal edits.

    Details here.
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    posted a message on BankItems
    A few occurrences of

    need to be replaced with


    BankItems.lua lines: 3909, 3916, 4129
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    posted a message on Skillet - Official Thread
    Skillet 1.11 beta works fine for the most part.

    It spams the default chat frame with some debug output when it scans new recipes for the first time but that's not a problem

    Only real bug I could find was some leftover pre-3.0 widget code for scrollframes.

    I've posted a ticket and fix for those errors.
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    posted a message on ag_uf are causing taint
    It's not ag_uf related.
    (in the sense that any addon that populates dropdowns can cause it)
    It's a problem with Blizzard handling of dynamically populated dropdowns.
    The first addon that tries to create more list entries than are already available in the game
    causes the taint.

    We were discussing this on wowinterface a while ago.
    I don't remember the name of the author that dug up the reference to a very old bug,
    that's still going strong.

    I made a very simple addon to reproduce it, that does absolutely nothing
    (except create a dropdown and populate it with some bogus entries).

    It will cause action blocked errors when you try to set the focus
    from the target frame dropdown even if it's the only mod running.
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    posted a message on ClearFont and ClearFont2 - Official thread
    I can vouch as far as to say that the link/file contains only lua and xml files.
    (at the time I downloaded it anyway).

    Also it seems that Kirkburn has been in touch with the package uploader.
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    posted a message on Cooldown
    While waiting for ForteWarlock (only using cooldown + core from it for the amazing cooldown bar)
    to update for 3.0.2 I reverted to my archived age-old version of coolDown+IFrameManager.

    Lo and behold it still works out of the box.
    My hat's off to Shag, virtually unbreakable code across 2 major patches :p
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    posted a message on WTF just happened?
    This list of updated mods will keep causing havoc.

    The problem is that the "release" site, curse.com is "updating" with any change to the underlying project.

    Even if it's not one that causes the files on the "release" site to be updated.

    We are not helping anyone by repeating the same useless information about how to configure the updater,
    unless we want to send people running in circles "buying time" for fixes.

    Follow that link I just posted and tell me which of those addons are actual updates for 3.0.2
    and which are r4xxxx files from the old wowace svn.

    90% of the file listing is garbage.
    If CC pulls from the same sources it will keep breaking people's addons folders simple as that.

    I'm sorry to say but that page might as well be taken down immediately.
    The best service curse can do to its visitors at this moment with patch-day madness coming.

    It's 10x times worse than anything files.wowace.com ever was.

    Follow me as I click the currently top "updated" mod:
    "Last Update: 1 hour, 3 minutes ago"

    If I am a clueless user I might happily download r56825.19 that happens to be the "most recently updated" file.

    If I was a frequent visitor of files.wowace.com I might remember that the wowace svn closed
    down somewhere around the r89000 revision number so this looks fishy.

    Idea: maybe the files from Curseforge just haven't updated yet!
    (we're already in science fiction lands as no ordinary user will make such deductions).

    Let's see how easy it is to visit the "back-end" to see what caused the update alert.

    The only link on the mod page that takes you to the project pages is
    "See tickets on Curseforge"
    I have to follow that then on that page (that probably contains no tickets)
    pick the Files tab then click on the topmost file to see this changelog
    " r56825 | mok | 2007-12-10 19:11:02 -0500 (Mon, 10 Dec 2007) | 2 lines
    Changed paths:
    M /trunk/item2phpBB/item2phpbb.lua
    M /trunk/item2phpBB/legacy_code.lua
    M /trunk/item2phpBB/localization.lua item2phpBB:
    - added portions of providing an allakhazaam link (to be continued.. eventually)"

    and I still after all this detective work and 10 clicks have no f*cking clue why that mod is on the "updated" list.

    While I fully understand and support all the reasons for the change...
    Curse is a total mess atm.
    In a very ironic twist of events, Curse - the public frontend
    is only usable by addon developers and power users atm.
    Every normal user has a good chance of fcking up their interface.

    IMO: Find the parts that work and axe everything else until patch day madness is over.
    Hide it under the carpet or whatever.. just take the non-working parts out of public view.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    As you'll notice from the package name I never finished going through and making sure it's 100% ok.

    However I brought it to the point of getting no errors in solo play
    (that is to say masterloot or other group functions are totally untested).

    I will probably fiddle with all modules to make sure they work as I'm not interested in alternatives,
    just wasn't a high priority until now.
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    posted a message on oRA2
    It was in relation to sRaidFrames and LibResComm in particular,
    but it will probably apply here as well (without having looked at the code)
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    posted a message on LibBanzai-2.0 feature request

    Sorry for being a pest but this falls directly into the scope of an aggro library.

    At the moment I have only 2 options:
    - write a separate OnUpdate handler (or a separate case in an existing one) in my addon to take care of just this situation.
    - distribute a modified LibBanzai-2.0 library with my addon.

    None of these options are very attractive obviously.

    LibBanzai-2.0 applies a simple and at the same time very clever logic to the aggro problem.
    For the benefit of users of the library or BanzaiAlert addon
    (not the author who knows the inner workings very well ofc)
    what it does in simple words is build 2 lists.
    One list of the "good guys" (player, pet, party and party pets, raid and raid pets - and recently focus)
    And one list "bad guys" (good guys targets filtering them through the UnitCanAttack api).
    It then tries to match "bad guys" targets to "good guys" and gives an aggro update
    when one from the "bad guys" list targets one of the "good guys".

    This works great for everything except when the focus is a hostile in the current implementation.

    Focus being a hostile that is not targeted by anyone in the party / raid or the player,
    is a quite common situation in the game.
    Every class that uses a focus macro to CC one target while dps-ing / healing another,
    will find itself in this situation.
    Focus breaks and the hostile targets & runs to the player.
    The information is already available at this point to get an aggro warning before it starts hitting on the player,
    or someone targets it but LibBanzai-2.0 doesn't use it.

    A very simple test case to demonstrate the problem solo is what I described above.
    You can use BanzaiAlert to enact it.

    1. Focus a hostile: mobA.
    2. Target another hostile: mobB.
    3. Keep mobB targeted, and approach mobA (your focus) until you body pull.
    BanzaiAlert will not warn you of aggro when your focus targets you and even when it proceeds to beat you up,
    until you actually target it.

    A change like the one I proposed above (or a better one with equivalent result)
    will make it so LibBanzai-2.0 will work in this case
    (and a couple more complex ones - I don't mention to keep this simple - that it currently ignores)

    Is there a chance that this will be added or is it considered out of scope and I should look at my other options?

    Thanks again.
    Quote from Rabbit
    I haven't forgotten about the issue.

    I can wait patiently now, appreciated :)
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