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    posted a message on LibBanzai-2.0 feature request
    for name, units in pairs(roster) do
        local unit = units[1]
        local targetId = targets[unit]
        if UnitExists(targetId) then
            local ttId = targets[targetId]
    +       if unit == "focus" and UnitIsEnemy("focus", "player") then
    +           ttId = "focustarget"
    +           targetId = "focus"
    +       end
            if UnitExists(ttId) and UnitCanAttack(ttId, targetId) then
                for n, u in pairs(roster) do
                    if UnitIsUnit(u[1], ttId) then
                        banzai[n] = (banzai[n] or 0) + 10
        if banzai[name] then
            if banzai[name] >= 5 then banzai[name] = banzai[name] - 5 end
            if banzai[name] > 25 then banzai[name] = 25 end
    This will do what I requested and catch the extra case where
    focus is a hostile unit and it aggros on one of our friendlies in the roster.
    All info is available from the game to determine aggro but
    the current implementation misses it because it implicitly assumes
    "focus" is always in the pool of friendlies (roster) and also the targettarget
    chain is not symmetric with the focustarget chain.

    It is ugly but it seems that "focus" was added as an afterthought as well.

    It will preserve the current behavior, ie LibBanzai will continue to do what
    it does but it will capture a couple extra cases including the one I described above:

    "A focused unit that no one has targeted, aggros one of our roster".

    Any chance to get this or equivalent change in?
    If that's not deemed desirable, is there a way to force an addon
    to use a specific library and not the latest available?
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    posted a message on LibBanzai-2.0 feature request
    The aggro check for focus comes down to (in the current implementation):

    UnitCanAttack ( focustargettarget, focustarget )

    Assuming other checks have passed for simplification.

    Assume player = Dridzt
    I focus a hostile = Vicious Teromoth
    I target another hostile = Dreadfang Lurker

    I move within my focus aggro range and body pull without targetting it.

    My focus aggros me and starts beating on me, my target is still another mob.
    LibBanzai will check this (regarding my focus target):
    focus = Vicious Teromoth,
    focustarget = Dridzt,
    focustargettarget = Dreadfang Lurker.

    UnitCanAttack ( Dreadfang Lurker, Dridzt )

    It will then go on to check if one of the units in the roster
    in this case me = Dridzt or focus = Vicious Teromoth is the same as the ttId = Dreadfang Lurker.

    So while my focus: Vicious Teromoth has targeted and is beating on me
    LibBanzai will never register aggro against me.

    I hope it's not too confusing.

    The easiest way to test would be to make a simple addon register the callback and try the above experiment.
    Focus something.
    Target something else.
    Bodypull your focus while keeping your other target (don't attack it).
    You get aggro from your focus but no aggro registers with LibBanzai.

    For a real-game example.
    Imagine a healing priest that's also on shackle duty and his shackle breaks.
    He will get no advance warning as his target
    and the focustarget are two unrelated things.

    Edit: I can hack this in, so that the original behavior is preserved
    and aggro status is passed back in this case too, but it's ugly.
    Further more it'll get overridden by newer versions of the Lib if I just hack it in locally.
    I was hoping to describe it and see if there's an elegant way to do it. :)
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    posted a message on LibBanzai-2.0 feature request
    Hello, I searched for an official thread, but came up empty.
    Apologies if one exists and I missed it (advanced search, titles only, 'banzai').

    Is there any possibility we'll get the focus added to the hostiles scanned for aggro status?

    I noticed that a friendly focus was recently added, ie you will get aggro status if any hostile targeted by the party/raid aggros on your focus.

    I'm requesting the opposite.
    To make it clear:
    What we have now would be useful for a tank focusing a healer.
    Healer gets aggro LibBanzai will catch it (if someone has the hostile aggroing the focus targetted)

    What I'd like is an aggro warning when a focused hostile aggroes on a friendly regardless if said focus is targeted by anyone.

    Shackle broke and going for priest, sheep broke and going for mage, sap, cyclone.. you get the idea.
    Adding focus to scanning in addition to target that's in now.
    targettarget->someone in our roster
    focustarget->someone in our roster
    I'd be happy even if it's restricted to the player only
    and not the entire roster of units checked.

    Any chance this could make it into the Lib?
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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    Cross posting from LibResComm-1.0 thread.
    Just a heads up that sRaidFrames errors on WotLK beta/3.0.2 ptr due to the included LibResComm library.

    It's not an sRaidFrames error, but I guess many people will encounter it there.
    It happens on deaths.

    Details: LibResComm-1.0 bug
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    posted a message on LibResComm-1.0
    The .OnShow handlers for StaticPopupDialogs need 'self' reference added.
    There's 4 of them starting around line 276 in r39.

    Posting the change for ["RESURRECT"] as an example.
    The same change is needed for the other 3 (NO_SICKNES, NO_TIMER and DEATH)

    local res = StaticPopupDialogs["RESURRECT"].OnShow
    StaticPopupDialogs["RESURRECT"].OnShow = function(self)

    This is for the WotLK beta/ 3.0.2 (and soon to be live) PTR.
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    posted a message on Guild participation/logon mod
    This addon takes a slightly less ambitious approach.

    It will poll the roster at defined intervals or times and doesn't require the rest
    of the guild to have it installed.

    That however means that it'll probably not help you with people that logon at arbitrary times.

    Online Checker (Guild Activity)
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    posted a message on Warrior alert
    I can't speak for MSBT.
    (although I'm sure the author would be quite willing to put a sword and board trigger in by default)
    He's asked the community to suggest default triggers to him over at wowinterface the WotLK version.

    The same is true for SCT, it's trivial to make an alert for Shield Slam.

    I can tell you how you'd do it in Power Auras Classic that I'm maintaining.
    1. /powa to get to the aura editor.
    2. Click new.
    3. Select your animation options at the top half of the aura editor
    It can be a custom graphic, a spell texture
    choose "custom texture" and put 23922 or "Shield Slam" if you want the shield slam icon to popup.
    Or select a text aura and type the text you want to appear.
    4. At the bottom half of the editor, choose "Buff" from the dropdown
    and put "Sword and Board" as buff to check (without quotes).
    Leave the other checkboxes at their default values.
    You can also select an optional sound to play
    (one of the preset or and mp3 or wav of your choice, that you'll copy to Addon Sounds folder)
    5. Close the editor and test.

    Your alert will appear every time sword and board procs.

    If instead you want an aura to appear every time SS is available
    (regardless if cd cycled or from sword and board proc)
    you'd instead select an "action usable" trigger from the dropdown and input "Shield Slam"
    as the action to check.
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    posted a message on WoW Matrix?
    Look at this great meta-site for addons:

    wowmods by Fin.

    It indexes all major addon hosting sites.
    It is clean/fast, easy for the everyday user, powerful for the advanced user (regexp filters for example).
    It provides basic addon information, but directs you to the hosting sites for download.
    It links to the addon page not the addon file.

    That's what an addon updater (not a site updater) should look like.
    It would be a great service and no one could object, authors, hosting sites or users.

    The options are there.
    Index the pages, provide meta-search capabilities but send the traffic back to the sites bearing the cost.

    All generic updaters that have been mentioned in this and the wowi thread,
    are guilty of leeching bandwidth off the addon hosting sites.
    What sets Wowmatrix apart and paints a bullseye on their ass is that their attitude is a big "f_ck you"
    to authors and addon hosts alike.

    Developers of other updaters have a rapport with the community, their creators
    are engaging in dialog, they would probably be willing to take steps to alleviate the problem.
    Example: provide the link to the addon page, or links to the hosting sites in your updater,
    seek out sponsorship options etc.

    To recap the basic issues:
    1. Hotlinking is bad (no matter who's doing it) - I won't go over why again, google it.
    2. Making a batch downloader for yourself or using an adblocker is a totally different thing
    than providing it as a "service" to the public and enabling hundreds and thousands
    of users to leech off legitimate providers (in many occasions without even them knowing what they're doing)
    3. Addon authors are entitled to choose the distribution method of their work (free for use has nothing to do with it)
    and where they want to receive feedback.
    4. If these parasites are allowed to flourish only 2 things can come of it.
    - Addon hosting sites going to extreme measures to thwart leeching (which is in their rights)
    and making life miserable for users (captcha, blocking referrers or a multitude of anti-leech methods available).
    - Just deciding it's not worth the effort and addons moving to filefront/rapidshare, free repositories or going private.

    I don't like any of these options, informing users and even peer-pressure is a means toward that end.
    I do want the parasites to get the bad rep they deserve, I don't pretend neutrality.

    If people's attitude is "lololol screw you 1-click updates" there's nothing to be said to that.
    Enjoy it while it lasts (won't be for long - they probably thought wau would be forever too).
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    posted a message on WoW Matrix?
    Quote from Xinhuan

    Post #61 by Cogwheel

    I share Cogwheel's view. It is just an updater. Like any other. Like JWU or WUU. Everyone is just objecting to the ad profits, it becomes a discussion of MORALS as opposed to LEGALITY.

    What WoWMatrix is doing is more than just slightly "deep linking" and this has resulted in lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit in the past, all in favor of the person not wanting deep linking. To be specific, linking to someone else's content on the internet (just like hotlinking images) without also including the public-face "environment" for that content, i.e., the usual download pages for these sites, is not considered kosher by the legal system. ...and this is even more of an open-and-shut case than simply framing someone else's content, which lost several lawsuits as well. it doesn't matter that the content is "public", it still has to remain in it's original presentational context. You can link to the page where someone has their download links listed, but you can't just blindly link to the downloadable files themselves, so you certainly can't just hoover the things up with a robot script in abeyance of legal obligations.

    Frankly, if I were running one of the sites they were leeching from, I'd start checking user-agent strings and giving those WoWMatrix clients a different archive with just a one pane UI that says "WoWMatrix is bollocks".

    I like Cogwheel too for being a code-monkey and very helpful to budding and accomplished authors alike,
    but he's presenting his preference as fact both in this case and previous discussions about commercializing addons.

    I can acknowledge a "free-market" viewpoint, but I don't have to agree to it,
    and no it's not as clear cut as he presents it.

    The only thing allowing WoWMatrix to operate is the belligerence of addon hosting sites.


    Authors and even users don't get into it much, we can disregard both to simplify things.
    The sites that wowmatrix is leeching bandwidth off are the main problem.
    What this program is doing is pushing addon sites to implement anti-leech mechanisms.

    If that's something you'd like to see, then continue using it.
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    posted a message on Explanation of why change was needed
    He's getting it fine, just offering a different perspective on the same facts.
    Sometimes what you make is not what you intended to make, that's all FlareCDE is saying.
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    posted a message on Atlas and Atlasloot
    You're using:
    a. a plugin (AtlasMajorCities/World/whatever) written for another version of Atlas.
    b. an alpha/beta version from svn/gcode.
    c. an improperly unpacked addon (without preserving folder structure).
    d. a combination of the above.

    1. Rename your <wow>\WTF folder to WTF_Backup.
    2. Remove everything with Atlas in the name from your AddOns folder.
    (make a backup first)
    3. Download Atlas from this page:
    4. Download Atlasloot Enhanced from this page:
    5. Unpack both to your <wow>\Interface\AddOns\ folder.
    Make sure your unpacking program is set to preserve folder structure.
    Go into your new Atlas folder to make sure.
    If you don't see an Atlas.toc file and a bunch of subfolders, but instead a jumble of files,
    it's unpacked wrong... remove and try again to find the "preserve folder" setting in your unpacker (or equivalent).

    When you've done all of the above and everything seems ok:
    (Inside your AddOns folder is now Atlas, Atlasloot and a bunch of other folders)

    Start the game.
    Do you still have this problem?

    Can you crop that humongous screenshot to the relevant part only please?
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    posted a message on How to remove/delete a project?
    Thank you, I will try that although for at least one of the projects in question
    there's another problem to be solved prior to deletion.

    ChatSounds was 2 different addons with the exact same name
    (and overlapping functionality but not 100%)

    First one was continuation of the original ChatSounds project (author: almostconnected) by me with his permission.
    Second one was an Ace2 rewrite by Totalpackage and hosted on the wowace svn.

    The 2 have merged under the same project on CurseForge
    (files list is a mess with non-Ace and Ace version files intermingled)

    Before I decide if I will just pull my project from Curse or update it
    - I'm only actively updating my addons on wowinterface -
    this mess would need to be resolved.
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    posted a message on How to remove/delete a project?
    I searched with various combos of remove / delete / project / Curse / curseforge with no luck.

    Closest I came was a ticket by Phanx

    It's been posted since April and hasn't been reviewed yet.

    So I'll re-iterate the question in case the option has been added and I missed it.

    Do we have a way to remove projects from Curse|Forge
    that we're the project lead and sole maintainer?
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    posted a message on SCT 6.0 / SCTD 3.0
    Some template changes from Blizzard in latest beta builds
    (9014 is the one where I observed it but probably a couple earlier)
    has broken both sct and sctd options frames.

    Just a heads up :)
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    posted a message on RatingBuster
    Quote from lilsparky
    are there any flags to show damage reduction from resistances? i know it depends on level, but you could just assume the same level. so if i have +xx shadow resist, it'd be nice to see just what reduction that would equate to.

    (the poster formerly known as 'Astaldo')
    Such info is displayed in TankPoints which will sadly break at least partially coming patch.

    Aliset half-adopted / half-hijacked maintainance (only Whitetooth knows which one it was)
    during a period of long-inactivity from Whitetooth (which was known and expected nonetheless)
    but the addon has been in limbo since.

    It's in a mostly good working state but feels even less "maintained" than before it was unofficially adopted.

    I'm still hoping Whitetooth will take care of it for the coming patch, been a staple addon
    in my tanking/wow life for years.
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